This weekend I've invited a group of couples up to the family cabin for some fun in the snow and delicious food. I've already planned the menu and invitations, so next up on the agenda is decorations. Even though the party is a weekend long, I still want to have lots of little extras to make this weekend different from every other weekend in the mountains. For my evergreen, silver, and white decoration scheme,

  • The easiest step to changing your house from everyday to party day is with the table setting. Currently the table at the family cabin is set in its winter dressing: a red tablecloth with white lace overlay. The second I arrive at the cabin (I begged my husband to take off work early so we could arrive before the rest of the party) I will transform the table from Christmasy to wintery wonderland chic. I'll replace the red/white tablecloth with a dark green one. A silver running made of shiny - not tacky - fabric will cover the middle of the table and on top of it I'll arrange an assortment of white and silver pillar candles in various shapes and sizes.
  • Usually my mom decorates the cabin with lots of fake ivy covered in ornaments. I plan on removing the ornaments and leaving the green garlands sprinkled with white lights for mood lighting.
  • It's important to drape blankets over the sofas and chairs so guests feel comfortable enough to curl up and relax while they watch a movie or read a book.
  • Lots of firewood is key to maintain a cozy fire the entire weekend.
  • Silver accents can be added in the form of ribbon or silverware and plates.
  • As this is a party that celebrates the natural beauty of the terrain around you, the decorations should act as a border for what one sees when they stare out the windows.

Have I forgotten to include your shiny white snowflakes in the decor? Tell me all about your great winter wonderland weekend decoration ideas below. Coming tomorrow...the final chapter of this party...the music!