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Although I'm no BuzzSugar I do know that the music at a wedding can make or break the party. You have to walk a fine line at a wedding and choose music that will have everyone dancing, both the young and the old. Generally it's best to start with oldies but goodies to get the guests out on the dance floor and moving. As the night wears on and people are drinking more and their inhibitions are slipping away the music can switch to more current hits. The older family members usually get a kick out of trying to dance to songs like Fergie's Glamorous or Beyonce's Crazy In Love-or at least this is what has happened at all of the weddings I've ever attended. All this week I have been giving Julie my ideas and suggestions for the most fabulous wedding. I made a template for her invitations and came up with a delicious menu that reflected the location of their wedding (Philadelphia) and their specific dietary needs (Julie is a vegetarian and Scott is not). Next I came up with a few signature cocktails for them to serve their guests during the cocktail hour and provided ideas for beautiful floral centerpieces and the look of the reception. Today I'm offering my tips on the music and taking some help from Buzz so

The first decision you have to make in terms of music for a wedding (well any large party for that matter) is to choose whether you will have a live band or a DJ. A live band adds excitement because the wedding can turn into a mini concert while a DJ is splendid because you can give him a playlist of your favorite songs and have him play them all. If you have friends who are musically inclined and members of a band or a DJ ask them to help you out in your decision. Also talk to anyone you know who has recently attended a wedding to see what songs got the crowd moving and what songs had everyone running to the bar. Think about the location of your event, a violinist at a beach may not be heard over the roaring waves. Before booking the musicians for the ceremony and the reception see and listen to them FIRST! You would not wear a wedding dress that you had not tried on so don't do it with your music. Be sure to see how much they charge if the party runs overtime and be sure to sign a contract. Don't overlook the selection of important songs for the cake cutting, bouquet toss, exit, etc. Having a special song for more than just your first dance will make the night more memorable. For more on how to choose your 1st dance song, check out BuzzSugar's wonderful playlist. Along with a list of songs to play give your DJ a list of songs you do NOT want him to play. The last thing you want is Promiscuous coming on at your wedding.

Got a wedding music tip? Please do tell below!

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