One of the biggest expenses at a wedding reception is the drinks. Hosting a full open bar is a costly option, and if you don't have an unlimited budget, I would not recommend doing it. Instead offer guests one signature cocktail and an assortment of beer and wine. Another option is to host a day reception, because people don't drink as much when the sun's out. Be sure to ask the wait staff not to pre-open wine bottles. If they do, you may be left with a bunch of open, full bottles.

Along with the signature cocktail at Elena and Sean's wedding, guests will have a choice of Champagne, red or white wine, or a selection of local beers. The cocktail is a refreshing, delish blend of rum, cointreau, and sparkling pomegranate. It has a glorious hue that matches the wedding's color scheme.

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Rum Pomegranate Cocktail

Rum Pomegranate Cocktail


  1. 1½ oz. Bacardi White Rum
  2. ¼ oz. Cointreau (orange liqueur)
  3. Splash of lime juice
  4. 2½ oz. Izze sparkling pomegranate juice
  5. Colored sugar (for rim)


  1. Dip rim of glass in water, then in colored sugar.
  2. Combine rum, liqueur and juices with ice in the glass, and stir.

Serves 1.

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