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Come Party With Me: Welcome Back - Invites

A welcome back party is one of my favorite types of parties. While annual celebrations are always fabulous, a welcome back is about the joyous return of a much missed friend. Whether your sister is coming back from a year long study abroad, or your friend is moving home after graduating from college, a welcome back party is a wonderful way to warmly embrace their move back to your every day life. One of my best friends, Melissa, is moving back to San Francisco after living in Seattle for 2 1/2 years. I hosted her going away and it's only fitting that I host her extravagant welcome back. So come party with me and

While a welcome back party can easily be a surprise, I prefer to consult the guest of honor on all of the planning details. First choose the date - picking one that is as soon after their estimated time of arrival as possible. Melissa moves back on June 8 so her party will take place Saturday June 9. Keeping it close means that it will be the first time she sees all of her old friends and family. Next choose a theme: keep things local and use the geography, landscape, and well known monuments as the thread that ties the party together. Now make the invitation. Melissa doesn't know the current home address of each person she wants to invite but she does have their email addresses, so the invites will be sent through email.

To make this invitation you will need:

  • a map image, preferably with a path of the departure and destination locations (I used the image below)
  • a computer with photoshop or Microsoft word
  • images of monuments: I used a drawing of the Golden Gate bridge and another of the Space Needle.

To assemble this invitation:

  1. Drag the three images you will be working with into photoshop or word. You want to remove any unnecessary text so you have room to add the important details of the event.
  2. I used the eye dropper tool to choose a color from the map image and cover the text with balloon shapes.
  3. Next I added text boxes and wrote out the party's information. I used Bradley Hand ITC TT in bold size 18 and 14. Here's what I wrote:
    Melissa & Deiter are finally moving back!!
    Come help celebrate their return!

    Saturday June 9, 2007
    6:30 pm
    PartySugar's House, San Francisco

    please rsvp

  4. Next shrink the monument images down to fit on the invitation.
  5. Once you have completed it save and send a copy to the guest of honor. Melissa has given my invitation the stamp of approval so I will be sending it today.

If you have not mastered photoshop, you can make an equally cool invitation by cutting out the shape of the region (in this case the western coast of the US) on colored cardstock. Next use thread or marker to draw out the path of their return. On the back of the cutout place the details of the party.

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wellheeled wellheeled 10 years
Great idea! I will make sure to think of it when I spread my wings to relocate...
DCStar DCStar 10 years
How adorable. I love the watercolor map it's so pretty!
ALSW ALSW 10 years
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