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Come Party With Me: Wine Club's 1st Meeting - The Look

Come Party With Me: Wine Club's 1st Meeting - The Look

After I graduated from Cal, I was scared by the thought that my education was officially over until I realized that while my school education was over I would never stop learning. Now instead of having to study subjects required of me I could study what ever I wanted: cooking, baking, current events, tennis, and knitting. In January I decided to further my admiration for the culinary world and fully understand wine. To aid in my quest for wine knowledge I am forming (and challenging you to do so with me readers!) a wine club that will meet monthly to discover, taste, and appreciate a distinct varietal of wine. I've made post card invitations (post card invites are great because you save money on postage!) that can easily be customized on my computer each month, planned a small, simple menu of savory and sweet appetizers to pair with the wine we will be tasting, and organized the tasting. Now I am envisioning the look of the wine club so

  • Think back to your favorite classrooms at college, what made them comfortable and inviting? You want to capture that educational essence when you are arranging the decor for your first wine club meeting.
  • Start by selecting a location for the meeting. Will you host it in your own home, at a friend's house, or at an outside location such as an event center or favorite bar? I looked into hosting it at a wine bar but at most places clients are expected to consume wines from their collection. For now, I am having the party at my own home.
  • Be sure to clean and organize your space, you don't want guests to feel embarrassed because your clean laundry is waiting to be folded and last night's dinner is still in the sink.
  • Create a warm, glowing, alluring feel to the room by lighting lots of candles.
  • Replace super bright light bulbs with gold hued 'candle-light' bulbs for rosy lighting.
  • If you will be tasting wine in a room that has a fireplace, make it your focal point. Adjust your furniture to sit around the fireplace instead of the television to promote discussion and conversation about the wines you are sipping.
  • Just as changing your placemats can transform the look of your kitchen, changing your throw pillows can change the look of your living room. Add texture and richness by tossing in a few ruby-hued pillows in plush fabrics like satin and velvet.
  • Fill a vase with a bouquet of sunny early spring flowers to add a burst of bright life.
  • Make sure all of your wine glasses are cleaned, polished, and waiting for the guests' arrival.
  • If you prefer to have the club sit around the same table check to see if you have enough chairs for everyone to sit leisurely.
  • Have a handful of writing utensils ready and waiting for guests to make notes and score the wines.
  • For a quick, easy centerpiece fill your favorite decorative bowl with fresh grapes.

What is the look for your wine club's 1st meeting? Tell me about it below! Tomorrow I'll be talking about the soundtrack for this party so stay tuned.

Join The Conversation
celebrity_soup celebrity_soup 10 years
a dark and moody place sounds nice. with red accents and a fire, is perfect! ...dont forget the rich wonderful smell of wine int he air.
kscincotta kscincotta 10 years
One other tip that we learned in our wine club: wine charms are a necessity so you remember who's glass is which. I actually made my own with super cheap wire hoop earrings and alphabet beads from the craft store. I made one in each person's name, which everyone loved. And I have so many beads and hoops that no matter who comes over, I can always have a personalized charm for them.
OliverCakery OliverCakery 10 years
I live in a VERY over-populated regin where there are TOO MANY non-drinks to even carry on a wine group. *TEAR* In order to get good wine, I have to travel about an hour to the next town!!!! :( anyone hosting avirtual party??
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