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Come Party With Me: Winter Dinner - Invites

Dinner parties are my favorite type of party to host. Intimate, relaxing and fun, a dinner allows you to really visit each of your guests and highlight your culinary skills.
I just got back from a trip to Spain and have not had a chance to see all of my friends yet. That's why I've decided to invite 7 of my closest friends over this Saturday for a winter themed dinner party. As always, I'm making and sending my own invitations. To see what I've got in mind, read more

First thing is first, choose a color scheme for the party. I've gone with two winter colors: dark green, midnight blue, and snow white. Next figure out who you want to invite. Don't invite more people than can be seated comfortably around your dinning table. In my case, 10 is the maximum number of people that can sit at the same time around my table (ok I crammed 14 people in at one dinner, but it was too many and I regretted it!). Since I live with my parents they will obviously be invited which means there will be space to invite 7 more people. Take care when you figure out who to invite.

To make the invites you will need the following ingredients:

  • dark green thin satin ribbon
  • silvery midnight blue cardstock
  • single whole punch
  • scissors
  • white pen, or computer and printer
  • glue

To assemble the invitations:

  1. Cut the blue cardstock down to the size of a 4 by 5.5 inch rectangle. You can do this by folding the standard sized (8 by 11 inches) cardstock in half once lengthwise and another time width wise. After making the folds cut along the lines (I like to use a paper cutter so that my lines are super even). You should be able to make 4 invitations from one piece of paper.
  2. Using the single whole puncher, punch holes, one inch apart, all along the outside edge of the rectangle.
  3. Thread the green satin ribbon through the holes and tie to make a bow at the top middle of the invitation.
  4. Using your computer or the white pen, write the information of the party. I plan on using my computer and a fun font to print out a message with green letters on normal white printer paper. Your message should follow these lines:
    Miss PartySugar requests your presence at an intimate dinner to celebrate winter this Saturday, January 20 at seven thirty pm at her family house in San Francisco. Please rsvp, as soon as possible.

  5. Cut the white paper down to a 3 by 4 inch rectangle. Glue the rectangle onto the waiting dark blue/green ribbon-ed cardstock.
  6. Send in a dark green envelope addressed in your best handwriting.

Got a great dinner party invite idea? Tell me about it below. Keep reading all this week as I detail the rest of the plans for my winter dinner party. Tomorrow I'll be discussing the most important aspect of any dinner: the menu!

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