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Come Party With Me: Winter Dinner - Menu

January 25 is National Dinner Party day and I am hosting a winter dinner party this upcoming Saturday, January 20, to celebrate. Dinner parties are my favorite type of party (ok to be honest I LOVE all types of parties!). I like them because they are normally for a smaller crowd and are therefore, more intimate. I also enjoy dinners because they allow me to go all out making a delicious and decadent meal with courses. At my dinners I usually keep it fairly simple with four courses. Start with cocktails and appetizers, followed by a light salad or soup course. Next comes the main dish and after that dessert. At a dinner party, the most important part of the party, in terms of the planning process, is the menu. The dinner is the star here, and the menu should be thought out with as much care and detail as the invitations. If you are interested in hosting a dinner party to celebrate National Dinner Party day, follow my plans for this party and

I will be able to make most of the dishes ahead of time, which is great because I don't want to spend my time frying food, I want to spend it with my guests who I haven't seen since 2006 (due to my holiday in Spain). When my guests arrive I'll have plates of
Breadsticks with Prosciutto

Marinated Manchego Cheese with Herbs and Orange Zest

, and
Toasted Almonds with Smoked Paprika

waiting for them to munch on. All of my friends know that I love to cook and always come with a hearty appetite. Next I'll serve a
Arugula and Pear Salad with Dijon Sherry Vinaigrette

. The main course is a slow cooked
Beef Bourguignon

served over a
Potato-Artichoke Gratin

. To finish, I'll dish out a super decadent
Chocolate Butterscotch Layer Pie


Breadsticks with Prosciutto Marinated Manchego Cheese with Herbs and Orange Zest Toasted Almonds with Smoked Paprika Arugula and Pear Salad with Dijon Sherry Vinaigrette Beef Bourguignon Potato-Artichoke Gratin Chocolate Butterscotch Layer Pie

Got a great winter dinner party recipe? Add it to the recipe database on TeamSugar. If you are planning this party along with me, come back tomorrow because we'll be talking decorations and table settings.

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