Lalalalala. (That's me attempting to sing.)

Everything is falling into place for my winter dinner and I am so excited I'm acting like my cocker spaniel. The invitations were sent (and everyone's already rsvped), the table and decorations are set, the vodka for my drinks is on ice, and I've begun to prep my make ahead dinner. There is only one thing left to do before my party begins (not including my before-party-beauty-regime of course) and that is figure out what tunes are going to be on rotation. To see the most divine dinner party music,

Remember that the dinner is the main event here so the music should be an after thought: light, jazzy, mood-enhancing, and soothing. I'll start with The Concretes, In Colour, which was a recommendation from my hip friend BuzzSugar.

It's easy listening that's an ideal backdrop for pre-dinner cocktails and tapas. During dinner I'll play a suggestion from my sister, Julio Pane Trio's lively tango music. I prefer to play music without lyrics while we are eating to keep the conversation flowing smoothly. After dinner I'll rotate in an acoustic girly singer songwriter, Rosie Thomas (she's BuzzSugar approved!) for the final soundtrack of the party. You can purchase all of these cds at the itunes store.

Know a rocking song that's just right for a winter dinner party? Let me know about it so I can put it on rotation.