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Come Party With Me: Winter Wonderland Weekend Getaway - Invites

This week I have invited a group of couples up to the family cabin for a winter wonderland weekend getaway. Instead of being a party that lasts a few hours it will be a party that lasts a few days. With an event of these sorts the more you plan ahead of time, the easier it will be (actually that's true for every party!). I want to enjoy the weekend as much as my guests and not have anyone feeling uncomfortable because I'm spending all day in the kitchen. First things first though, I have to invite the guests. For my winter weekend wonderland getaway invites,

The colors of the party will reflect the snowy landscape of the surrounding mountains. Silver, white, and dark green. To make this invitation you will need:

To assemble the invitation:

  1. Set up a work area on a table covered with newspaper.
  2. Using the glue, cover the snowflake completely. Working quickly, pour the silver glitter over the snowflake. The glitter will adhere to the paper from the glue.
  3. Shake off excess glitter and let dry completely before finishing the card.
  4. Cut the green card stock in half widthwise to have a 5.5 by 8 inch piece. Fold this in half to form the shape of a card.
  5. On the inside of the card, write a short note with the silver pen explaining the details of the getaway. For example:
    YumSugar wishes to take you away from the daily grind and transport you to a winter wonderland for the weekend!
    Friday, January 8 - Monday, January 11.
    YumSugar Family Cabin in the Mountains.
    Outdoor activities: snowball fights, snowboarding, skiing, ice skating optional.
    Reading, relaxing, and movie watching encouraged.
    Snow bunny attire requested.
    Please RSVP promptly.

  6. It's important to let guests know what they can expect out of the weekend. If a ski lodge is nearby your cabin, tell them!
  7. On the front of the invite glue the silver snowflake. Place in dark green envelopes, throw some silver snowflake confetti in the envelope, seal, address with silver pen, stamp with snowflake stamps, and send.

If you aren't feeling crafty and want to send an elegant invitation that is store bought instead of homemade, order this invite in dark green (instead of blue) with your personal message printed on the front.

Got a wonderful winter wonderland weekend getaway invite idea (try saying that three times fast)? Tell me about it below. Come back tomorrow because there is more Come Party With Me to come, we still have to plan the menu, drinks, decor, and music!

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Butrfly4404 Butrfly4404 10 years
That sounds so fun! Invites sound cute, too!
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