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Guacamole lovers, beware: The crystal ball isn't looking so bright for avocados.

Hot weather at the peak of avocado-growing season last June means this Spring California farmers expect to have the smallest avocado crop in the last 10 to 20 years. Americans buy almost 1 billion pounds of avocados annually, and this number is increasing.

Unfortunately, California farmers, which normally supply 85 to 90 percent of domestic avocados, foresee harvesting approximately a third less fruit than they did in 2008. This increased demand and smaller supply will mean a rise in prices.

While avocados will abound during bowl season, the California Avocado Commission predicts they'll be in short supply by the time Cinco de Mayo rolls around. Experts are guessing that the shortage will come late Spring to early Summer, when imports from other countries, such as Mexico and Chile, are at their lowest levels.

I'm wondering if this anticipated price increase will mean a rise in cost at restaurants and dining establishments as well. Come Cinco de Mayo, will you still make guacamole if it means paying $2 for an avocado?


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prairiedog1 prairiedog1 5 years
Are all of the comments of buying regardless of price to be believed? Are you all CA packers? No wonder the price is so high. I only buy them when their a decent price, otherwise I boycott!
Shadowdamage Shadowdamage 8 years
When it comes to guacamole I must have proper avocados...and I will pay for them whatever the cost - then again, I don't buy them weekly. K
atomicspin atomicspin 8 years
I will pay any price for a good avocado. You deny me avocado's at your own peril!
shoneyjoe shoneyjoe 8 years
Don't make me choose between an avocado and a gallon of gasoline!
jessr1214 jessr1214 8 years
nooooooooo! i will probably still buy them no matter what, just not as many. here they are $.89 for non-organic, about $1.50 for organic. on a side note, at a grocery store a month or so ago i saw a "low-fat avocado". it was bigger than normal ones and a slightly different color...i didnt get it but isnt that crazy??
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
Here they are in abundance locally, and most of the time the organic ones are cheaper than the other. I am paying 79 cents a piece at the moment for the Florida 1.50 for the Haas.
lkang lkang 8 years
i bought avocodos today and they are already $2 each here
Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
:( No! There's nothing like snacking on a half a perfectly ripe avocado!
reesiecup reesiecup 8 years
This is terrible. I love avocados--I finally got over paying >$2 for each until I found deals with buying them by the bag. I could not imagine my kitchen without them.
kscincotta kscincotta 8 years
Personally, I'm fine with this because I absolutely hate avocados!
Beauty Beauty 8 years
$2 for an avocado? I'd love to find that NOW. At Bristol Farms, they're $4 each. Robbery!
nevadamtnbear nevadamtnbear 8 years
Me thinks it might be time to stock up on the guac packs at Costco and put them in the deep freezer. Thanks for the heads up.
KMattes KMattes 8 years
Luckily I've got a tree full of them in my backyard!
Antioxidant Antioxidant 8 years
$2 is about the limit I'll pay for an avocado. Man, are they delish.
Smacks83 Smacks83 8 years
I agree, normal prices (at least in most places I've seen here in NYC) it's been $2 for an avocado. I doubt that I wouldn't buy any if the prices went up (I prefer the idea of investing in good food more than investing in material things like electronics or overpriced makeup).
kmckay kmckay 8 years
i've never paid less than $2 for an avocado! i buy 2 every week- i can't get enough! i may have to draw the line if they go up to $4 however. sidenote- i was at a restaurant the other night and they were charging $7 for chips & guac!!! i thought that was crazy.
Katharine Katharine 8 years
Most avocados are already $1.5 - 2 where I am. I eat them all the time but mostly I just buy the fresh packed guacamole packs.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
it's interesting to think about the impact that everything is having. granted the weather's been kind of 'odd' over the past few months- i don't think that we all stopped to think about the impact on crops. i hope that there's not a MAJOR price hike - but then again, you really can't tell the future on this one.
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