Starbucks sure is indecisive. Last January it announced that breakfast sandwiches would be pulled from its stores. Then in July it changed its mind and simply modified the sandwich recipe. Now Starbucks has decided to expand the breakfast sandwich menu! Next week the coffee giant will introduce the Piadini, a stuffed breakfast sandwich made on artisan bread with either sausage, egg, and cheese or mushroom, spinach, and ricotta fillings. To ensure that the new sandwiches get maximum exposure, Starbucks is putting ovens in 800 more stores. Changing the menu is nothing new; earlier this month Starbucks added oatmeal, apple bran muffins, and multigrain rolls to the morning menu and within the next year, the company plans to broaden the lunch menu.

I'm excited to try the new breakfast offerings — the spinach feta wrap is one of my favorite hangover cures. How about you? Are you sick of the Starbucks sandwich talk, or will you enjoy the Piadinis?