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With sweltering climes, state fairs, and outdoor grilling going on right now, I'm reminded that Summer really goes by another name: barbecue season. But I have an admission to make: while I'm all about smoked meats, there's one I just can't get totally behind, and that's pulled pork. It's something I've never really revealed to anyone other than myself, because it borders on pitiful: what food lover could possibly pooh-pooh pulled pork?

The whole embarrassment has gotten me thinking about other purportedly "foodie" items that I'm simply not crazy about. Tarragon, for instance, is another. So is cantaloupe. Tell me: what's the one food item that you should love — but simply don't?

Source: Flickr User ImNotQuiteJack

Robsonette Robsonette 5 years
Rosemary is my least favorite herb and I will avoid it if I can.   Mushrooms are the least enjoyable food to me. If you chop up the most tiny pieces of every vegetable ever harvested and include a micro piece of mushroom I will know and politely spit it out.
Molly-McGlynn Molly-McGlynn 5 years
 @Susannah Chen I wish I knew! I do like turkey burges though.
Susannah-Chen Susannah-Chen 5 years
 @Molly McGlynn OMG! No! What don't you like about 'em?
Molly-McGlynn Molly-McGlynn 5 years
Burgers — I know, it's a crime.
amber512 amber512 5 years
I always get weird looks when I explain that I don't eat meat because I can not STAND the taste or texture of it.  Any kind of meat, pork, beef, fish, whatever form you have, I don't want it.  If it's from an animal it just tastes like "flesh" to me.
Nicole-Perry Nicole-Perry 5 years
 @nikkisoda I wasn't a big ice cream fan til adulthood (though I'm kind of an ice cream fiend nowadays) so I can commiserate with other's (generally) shocked reactions to that statement. I also avoided chocolate, aside from in combination with mint, til my late teens as well.   @Nancy Einhart I'm not a big ketchup fan either, or really barbecue sauce if we're being honest, I find both to be too sweet. 
nikkisoda nikkisoda 5 years
Ice Cream 
jacyli jacyli 5 years
cantaloupe & honeydew melons
Nancy-Einhart Nancy-Einhart 5 years
Grapefruit, cottage cheese, and ketchup.
Go2Girl Go2Girl 5 years
Water chestnuts make me want to stop eating whatever they are hidden in. My mom always tries to push the gefilte fish during Passover on me and I look at her like, I know I am Jewish and all but that thing on my plate looks like a science experiment. Hot dogs and nachos at a movie theater completely gross me out. Capers - hmm, where do I even start, they look like a small bug. 
missCarlyBug missCarlyBug 5 years
I have a few... sadly. Cilantro, raw onion (though I'm getting more used to it), and polenta. Do not understand the hype of polenta, it just tastes gritty to me. 
bluebellknoll bluebellknoll 5 years
The majority of my friends like pate - I can't stand it.  Liver in general is a no go for me.  
TayTompkins TayTompkins 5 years
I can't stand tarragon either! Ugh! And I absolutely will not eat anything with eggs that are over easy, sunny side up, runny, raw, etc... So basically, no licking the bowl or cookie dough for me! 
Sara-Yoo Sara-Yoo 5 years
For me it's the "gourmet-ifying" of foods that should otherwise be cheap eats. I want to love grass-fed carne asada tacos with tomatillo salsa from my local small farm, but if they are going to cost me more than a couple of bucks, I'd rather have the taqueria variety!
Nicole-Perry Nicole-Perry 5 years
Cantaloupe and honeydew really aren't my thing either (though I'll eat them), I also generally avoid raw onion, uni (sadly I just don't get the hype, despite trying very hard to enjoy it), cooked tuna (carpaccio/tartare is another story, I ADORE it), cooked oysters (again love 'em raw),coconut, and coffee. WHEW, pickiest food writer alive?
Julia-Millay-Walsh Julia-Millay-Walsh 5 years
I'm with you on cantaloupe. I can't stand all types of melon; it's a poser fruit.
Anna-Monette-Roberts Anna-Monette-Roberts 5 years
Poached fish or undercooked fish (besides tuna!). I can't stand the jelly aspect. Oosh it gives me shivers just thinking about it.
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