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Cooked Clothes: Love It or Hate It?

Designer Kean Etro has just created a unique line of "Cooked" shirts. His collection, which is called The Harvest Style, encourages folks to enhance their stained clothes instead of throwing them out. Think of his designs as tie-dye with a modern, organic, and foodie twist.

There are three different styles: Blueberry (blueberries, sugar, blueberry juice over a white shirt and baked at 330F for 40 minutes), Coffee (which is a crisp white shirt soaked in six liters of coffee for eight hours, then hung out to dry), and Salt (white shirt layered with coarse cooking salt for 40 minutes at 350F).

While I think the concept is fun — not to mention a way to keep a stained LWD or tuxedo shirt in play — I'm not sure I'm keen on the result. How about you, would you cook your clothes?


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