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Cooking With Padron Peppers

In Season: Padron Peppers

Every Thursday, I drop by the Crocker Galleria Farmers Market near the Sugar offices to take a look at the latest in-season produce. Yesterday, I spotted something new: bite-sized, velveteen-sheened padrón peppers. Although these chiles are typically in season from mid-June all the way through September, this was the first I'd seen of them. Have you spotted some at your market? Keep reading to find out what to do with padron peppers.

Unlike many other green chiles, padrón peppers (known also by their Spanish name, pimiento de padrón), have a sweet flesh, thin skin, and no seeds, which makes them ideal for eating whole. When they're small and young, these peppers possess a nutty, mild flavor that makes them so beloved. It's possible to come by the occasional fiery pepper, however: Cross-pollination with other nearby hot chiles may produce the occasional spicy padrón.

Padrón peppers originate from Spain, where they're favored in a straightforward tapas preparation that involves nothing more than oil and sea salt. Their popularity, however, has since spread to France, Italy, Morocco, and other parts of the world, including the United States. Here are a few ways to enjoy them:


Those of you who've ever picked a peck of padrón peppers: how did you eat them?

Join The Conversation
limelindsey limelindsey 5 years
Found some at the farmer's market over the weekend! Going to make them tonight, I hope they're everything everyone says!
AmberHoney AmberHoney 6 years
No, never eaten! This year I've had an over abundance of Red Cherry Bomb peppers and I've done them a million ways and I still have more growing.
Sweet-Kirstin Sweet-Kirstin 6 years
Lauren, I agree with you. I love all peppers and padron peppers are among the best. I have always loved Cajun and Southwestern cuisine. Hubby Corporal & I, both were raised with hot peppers and any kind of hot sauce. Cannot ever go wrong with any pepper recipe. Spanish style is cool and olive oil is our special forte.:WOOHOO: sweetkirstin
GummiBears GummiBears 6 years
Hopefully I will come across it at a nearby market.
Spectra Spectra 6 years
I've never had them, but I love trying new hot peppers. If I find some at the farmers' market, I'll try them.
sourcherries sourcherries 6 years
Whole, uncooked, dipped in gochujang. ;p
lauren lauren 6 years
I love padron peppers! I have only eaten them spanish style, so I will have to give these other styles a try!
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