Two short order cooks were put behind bars yesterday for intentionally contaminating food.

Jaime Perez and James Ledesma of Andy's Landing restaurant in Burnet, TX, were arrested on felony counts of tampering with a consumer product. According to a former co-worker, Perez put bodily secretions into Burnet Police Chief Paul Nelson's food. Allegations include spit, nose blowing, and wiping of hamburger buns on the cook's backside.

Apparently, previous run-ins with the law left Perez with ill will toward the police chief. The second cook, Ledesma, was around to witness the food contamination but failed to stop it or report it. If both are convicted, each could face up to 20 years in prison.

The police chief's food isn't the only item to be tainted — the restaurant will likely be left with a tarnished reputation as well. I'm revolted by the details, and saddened for the restaurant. The story also leaves me wondering how often "special ingredients" are added to diners' food. Do you worry about the same thing?