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Cup Noodles Gets Greener

Even the biggest foodies among us have consumed our fair share of instant Ramen — I did go to college, after all. But I always steered clear of Cup Noodles, the Ramen you cook by adding hot water to a styrofoam cup, which you then throw away. It just seems wasteful, and the fact that the cup is made of styrofoam makes it even worse!

Fortunately, it seems the Cup Noodles folks are moving into the 21st century: Treehugger reports that Cup Noodles is now selling reusable cups for its to-go Ramen soups in Japan. The "Cup Noodle Refill Starter Pack" includes a container called "My Noodle Cup," with a cup liner that Ramen fans can customize with their own designs, as well as soup refills.

I applaud the effort, but I can't help but wonder why you wouldn't just buy the regular Ramen noodles and make them in a bowl or mug. I guess because you're on the go, or too lazy to wash a dish, which makes me think that those folks will still opt for the styrofoam cup version. What do you guys think?


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