After helping one of my friends with the flowers for her big day, I was asked by another friend to put together the festive napkin rings for her wedding. Rather than waste money on buying 60 rings, we made these flower-inspired pom-poms to adorn each napkin. These pom-poms can easily be customized to suit any color scheme. While mine were for a wedding, the fun napkin rings are great for any special occasion, be it a baby shower, engagement party, or dinner party! To learn how to make them and check out my step-by-step photos,


This idea was adapted from something I saw in Martha Stewart Weddings. To make the pom-poms, you will need colored tissue paper, floral wire, and satin ribbon.

  1. Cut four sheets of tissue paper into five- by 10-inch rectangles. Make 3/8-inch accordion folds.
  2. Fold a 18-inch floral wire in half and wrap around the middle of the folded tissue paper and twist.
  3. Trim ends into a rounded or pointed shape.
  4. Carefully separate the layers of the tissue papers, pulling each layer toward the center.
  5. Use the extra wire to make a loop on the back of the pom-pom. Insert a 12-inch piece of ribbon through the loop.
  6. Tie ribbon around the napkin. Voila: a fabulous flower-like napkin ring to dress up any table!