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Daniela Edburg's Drop Dead Gorgeous Photos

Daniela Edburg's Drop Dead Gorgeous Photos

Even though I've actually thought I could OD on gummi bears, the phrase "death by gummi bears" sounds a bit ridiculous. However artist Daniela Edburg has made it look amazing, don't you think? In her series Drop Dead Gorgeous, Edburg features beautiful girls (all of whom are her friends, not professional models) dying from food related obsessions. There's a girl getting attacked by flying bananas, one smothered in oreos and another being chased down by a tornado of pink cotton candy. When asked about why food has such a sinister effect on the women in her photos, Edburg replied:

I guess I am pretty compulsive. That which gives me pleasure one minute, causes guilt the next. I am surprised at how much I like the products I consume, but, if you stop for one second to think about it, it’s absurd. Yet, you can’t stop.

The rest of the pictures are absolutely gorgeous (we love the M&M one and the banana one too), plus be sure to read the interview with the artist. Also if you live in the Miami area, you can actually go see the photos at the Kunsthaus Miami.

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