I have something to confess: I was glad to see Danny go. With his New York accent and oddly shaved beard, the latest Top Chef contestant kicked to the curb was not my favorite. Still, I spoke with the football-loving, European-hater over the phone yesterday. To find out what he had to say about his experience,


On participating in Top Chef: To make it as far as I did was such an accomplishment. It's like I was in the Super Bowl, but I didn't win.

On the losing dish and his team: During the planning stages we were all very confident. Gene was confident. It was his idea, but he failed to tell the ladies how to eat the dish. I really didn't mess with Carla's salad. It was a last component that we had actually talked about. I thought it would be a nice accompaniment to the dish I made.

On Stefan and Fabio: The Euros think that us Americans are not educated and that we are not up to speed with them. That was a trait in them that I didn't like. They are very talented and good chefs. May the best man win.

On who will win: Hosea is a very, very talented chef. He is very knowledgeable around the kitchen.

On the judges: I thought the judges were very nice. The one thing I was really disappointed about was that Tom didn't have anything nice to say about my food. Throughout the whole, Tom — I really respect him — had nothing nice to say. He had no positive compliment towards me. It's really upsetting, in a way I failed. I'm just really upset that he found negatives in all my positives.