Celebrity chefdom sure is far-reaching. Rachael Ray does daytime TV, Paula Deen dips candles, and now Bobby Flay is hosting a radio show.

Bobby Flay Radio debuts today on Sirius Satellite Radio. On the talk show, the chef will offer advice to men on dating and dressing, talk sports, and discuss current affairs. Oh, and talk about food. Explained the show's host:

Food transcends so much now. It's become so much part of lifestyle. How you eat, plate it, how you dress, and how you live all have a lot to do with one another.

Flay's wife, actress Stephanie March, will also make occasional cameos on the show.

Are you looking forward to another extension of Bobby Flay's brand, or do you think the chef, restaurateur, TV host, and food personality has a little too much on his plate?