Think pumpkin-patch-chic when staging the decor for a pumpkin carving party. Place a wheelbarrow next to the front door, fill it with pumpkins, and when guests arrive, ask them to pick one. For a rustic feel, throw some hay in with the pumpkins. Inside the house, set up carving stations: cover tables and counters with old newspapers, carving tools, and place lots of garbage bags nearby. Leave the chili in a big pot on the stove and stack black bowls next to it. Fill jack-o'-lantern bowls with chili toppings and candy. Display the pumpkin cake on a black cake stand and invite guests to put their beer in an oversize ice bucket. A single bouquet of Fall flowers is festively elegant. Don't forget to stock up on tea lights. Once everyone is done carving their pumpkins, place a tea light in each one and set them outside on the porch.