The other night my friends and I were out and about and decided to grab some dinner. At 7:35, we popped in to a small sushi place and asked if they had a table for four. Our chances didn't look good — there was only one table left and it had a reserved sign on it — but the hostess disappeared into the back and about five minutes later she returned, removed the reserved table and sat our party.

We proceeded to sit down, order drinks, and peruse the menu. A few minutes later — at least 7:45 — a lady entered the restaurant and was really upset to hear that she no longer had her 7:30 reservation. The hostess said she called twice, but that no one answered. Personally I wondered why — if the lady knew she was going to be late — she didn't call the restaurant herself.

So what do you think, was it okay for the restaurant to give the table away? Or should they have waited?