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Did You Cook as a Kid?

Did you know I'm a cookbook author? Above is a photo of my cookbook, Kooking with K.T. I wrote it for a sixth-grade assignment and was the only student to "publish" a cookbook. Cooking has always been a passion, and one of my earliest memories is making brownies with my dad! Since everyone has a different relationship with the kitchen, I want to know, what's yours? When did you first get interested in cooking? Were you a kid foodie?

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RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 7 years
I even had a bunch of kid sized kitchen equipment :)
bsanf3 bsanf3 7 years
I baked more then cooked.
Spectra Spectra 7 years
Yep, all the time. Mostly I cooked with my dad and my Grandma (dad's mom) because that side of my family was all about making everything from scratch. I remember making homemade pudding (Dad always made me the designated stirrer, lol), homemade pizza and pretzels, cookies, etc. When I was 8, I baked a cake on my own and when I was about 12 I started making gourmet dinners for my parents on their anniversary. So yeah, it's always kind of been something I've liked doing.
GummiBears GummiBears 7 years
I remember scorching a lot of my foods. Cookies, brownies, omelets, etc. All of them was burned and I managed to eat it. Now I have gotten worlds better and my food is no longer on fire. :D
SusanTeufel SusanTeufel 7 years
I could barely boil water until I was 18. Then my mother in law took me under her southern knowing wing and taught me how to cook from A-Z. My husband appreciated this :)
nancita nancita 7 years
Aww, that is so cute! I never wrote my own cookbook, but I did have a cookbook for kids that I dabbled in a little bit.
Food Food 7 years
I baked a lot more than I cooked. I was obsessed with cutting out recipes, collecting recipes, and reading cookbooks!
Love-and-Sex Love-and-Sex 7 years
My sister and I filmed cooking shows with a camcorder... but I think our specialty was bisquick pancakes, so nothing too fancy!
chiefdishwasher chiefdishwasher 7 years
I did not cook until I was in college and learned out of necessity.
chefdrea chefdrea 7 years
Absolutely! My grandparents (were all in the restaurant industry, one grandfather was a chef and food was a central part of our lives. I remember making turkey pot pies with my grandfather at age four, canning with my grandmother at age six, making big batches of spaghetti sauce with my mother at around the same age and baking with everyone for the holidays my entire life. My parents are both big cooks and, while I'm the only one to go into the profession since my grandfather, my mom and I love to spend time together cooking something challenging and fun and unique when we get to see each other. It's funny because my sister is the only one who has absolutely no interest in cooking anything. Therefore, she gets to wash dishes while we cook. :)
bluebellknoll bluebellknoll 7 years
Not really unless you call 7th and 8th grade HomeEc classes cooking. I did enjoy it but I mostly let my momma cook for me when I was a kid. :)
khameel khameel 7 years
Yes, I've been cooking and baking since I was about 6 or 7, and have been making Thanksgiving dinner since I was 12.
pink-elephant pink-elephant 7 years
Yes, I really liked cooking with my mom, especially around the holidays and when we would try new recipes! I thought I wanted to be a chef when I grew up, but realized I really just liked cooking for myself and my family!
J-Rabbit J-Rabbit 7 years
I really liked baking when I was a kid. I remember the first time I baked a pie, my parents told me to not be disappointed if it didn't work out, but it turned out perfectly!
skigurl skigurl 7 years
no i totally wasn't...but probably because my mom and dad aren't huge chefs even in school i wasn't really into it i have gotten more and more into it as i've been in a serious relationship and wanted to cook for my boyfriend, and now we have a house so i cook and bake so much more
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