These days we're supposed to drink more water and drink less soda. In fact, the bottle water industry is a bajillion dollar business and growing. Evidently the soda industry is worried about water encroaching on their business, and have decided to market their products a little bit differently. Steven Levitt of Freakonomics recently mentioned a new Diet Coke print ad that shows a picture of a Diet Coke can and the words "99 Percent Water."

The implication is that if Diet Coke and water are almost the same thing, but Diet Coke tastes better, you might as well drink Diet Coke. Which is a pretty sensible point of view, as long as the 1% that is not water isn’t hurting you.

It's interesting to note that this ad follows on the heels of one that shows a Diet Coke can and the words "Sparkling or Sparkling?" Do you think it's healthy to suggest that Diet Coke replace your water intake? Personally I know I'd rather have the water. I mean, 99% water isn't bad, but what exactly is in that other 1%?

Source: Freakonomics
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