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Diet Coke Fun Facts

Do You Have a Taste For Diet Coke?

Today isn't merely Friday, it's also the birthdate of Diet Coke! It's said that on July 9, 1982, The Coca-Cola Company introduced the world to the sweet (but sugar-free) beverage, which became a fast favorite — and today it's 28 years old. To celebrate, we're going to break open a Diet Coke (OK; I admit to doing this regularly!), and we're tossing around fun facts about the beverage. Ready to partake? Let's get cracking on a can of DC, and this quiz!

Do You Have a Taste For Diet Coke?

Diet Coke was introduced in 1982 with a campaign that cost the company how much?

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Sweet-Kirstin Sweet-Kirstin 5 years
9/10 I'm an Old School Coca-Cola Girl from the 1960's and I'm an Old School Diet Coke Girl since 1982. My Two Faves!! Sweet Kirstin Statuesque Girl in the Opaque Black Tights 4 Life! Kirstin
Emily2425133 Emily2425133 5 years
hello x  
Emily2425133 Emily2425133 5 years
hello this is really pointless  it does not give any facts to help me with my homework could any one help me out x  
LeiraElle LeiraElle 7 years
I don't drink any soda, especially coca cola. As an adolescent, I drank 6 cans of Coke a day. I think I OD'd and can no longer stand it.
Spectra Spectra 7 years
I'm a Diet Coke addict as well, haha. I can't drink generic diet cola and even Diet Pepsi isn't quite the same. My mom always drank it and I've been a DC freak since the age of about 13 or so. I wish we had the raspberry Diet Coke here...that would be awesome! I did get to try Diet Lime Coke in Central America before it came out in the States. I love it!
mathlady11 mathlady11 7 years
I am a Diet Coke addict. I have been since I was 12 years old; the year it came out. I started drinking it as part of the diet I was on (Cuz it was WAY better than Tab) but now I just love the taste. I know I should cut back at the very least but I just love the stuff.
AmberHoney AmberHoney 7 years
To answer your ? - NO! I don't do diet, lowfat, low calorie, sugarfree, light, lite or 50% less of any foods and/or drinks, they all taste fake and aspartame tastes super nasty to me. As for coke, a drink a day keeps the doctor away :) Buy Torani syrups and you can have any flavor coke you want.
amber512 amber512 7 years
3/10 With how much I LOVE it, you'd think I'd do better. But maybe it's because I'm trying not to drink it! Yeah...we'll go with that. =)
DeviousMuse DeviousMuse 7 years
You can also get Diet Raspberry Coke if you have access to one of the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines here in the US.
danizzle danizzle 7 years
i love diet coke. my favorite flavor (that for some odd reason is only available in 12pack of cans) is diet coke with lime. yum yum
danizzle danizzle 7 years
i love diet coke. my favorite flavor (that for some odd reasons is only availble in 12pack of cans) is diet coke with lime. yum yum
tigr3bianca tigr3bianca 7 years
5/10 and I never drink the stuff, its tastes too artificial. But I really don't drink soda much anyway.
flavacrisp flavacrisp 7 years
hey! it is saying I got 0%, but really got 5/10 :(
skigurl skigurl 7 years
4/10 - I have a taste for diet Pepsi way more than Coke, though diet Coke will do in a pinch! I went to the Coca Cola museum in Atlanta before. It was pretty cool!
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