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Difference Between V8 vs. Mott's Vegetable Juice

Taste-Off! Vegetable Juices

Next time you've got a hankering for vegetable juice, I've got a challenge for you: Head to the nearest grocery store and buy two brands — V8 Original and Mott's Garden Blend — and see for yourself who produces nature's better nectar. We did the same recently in the office, after hearing that Mott's had just released a brand-new bottling of 100 percent vegetable juice. Which came out on top? Find out when you keep reading.

As soon as I poured the juices into separate glasses for a Sugar taste test, I could tell the difference.

While V8 was thick and pulpy, Mott's was thinner and more transparent, reminiscent in texture of a juice nectar rather than a traditional purée. The two smelled different. Even in a blind taste test, Katie, a longtime V8 drinker, could tell her old favorite instantly. "Oh, this one smells like classic V8," she said assuredly upon first sniff.


She was right. It possessed the recognizably vegetal aromas, like celery, that we've come to associate with V8. Mott's, on the other hand, had an enticingly spicy smell, one that's piquant enough to water the back of the tongue in the same way that a nice, tangy bloody Mary does.

Although Mott's tasted a bit aggressively saltier than the standby V8, it was actually hard to choose a winner. In fact, a quick label check revealed that Mott's had the lower sodium content: 410 mg per cup, compared to 480 for V8. Choosing a winner was difficult.

At the end of the day, it really comes down to taste. Which do you prefer: a mild, thick vegetable juice, or one with no pulp that's got a pleasant kick? Ultimately, we decided V8 gets the win for stand-alone vegetable juice — although Mott's would be spectacular in a bloody Mary. Veggie juice drinkers: what are your thoughts?

Mott's in the front; V8 in the back.


Ingredients in Mott's Garden Blend.

The nutritional content of Mott's, for one cup.

Ingredients in V8's Original Vegetable Juice.


The nutritional content of V8, for one cup.
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drjj drjj 4 years
The Mott's was WAY too sweet--they obviously added quite a lot of "sugar" to the mix, for unclear reasons.   As a result i'll stick with V8 thank you--not nearly as"sugary"!
Norman3118052 Norman3118052 4 years
 @amaebi519 LET'S PARTY!!!  
Norman3118052 Norman3118052 4 years
 @proffotog I just got V8 low-sodium, with one-third <<<!!!!!>>>  the sodium of Mott's, and paid: 3/ $ 2.00  honestly, at the Discount Grocery.  
Norman3118052 Norman3118052 4 years
 @proffotog DO TELL. I've bought RubyKist for a coupla years. A friend busted me on the saltiness of Mott's and I agreed....
Cycleman59 Cycleman59 5 years
V8 and Motts Garden blend both have a low sodium version.  That's the basis for my comparison.  Motts has an ever so slightly sweet flavor, which I believe is the result of added sugar.  But this is very mild and actually pleasant to me.  And the labels both show the same calorie content, so this must be very minor indeed.  V8, on the other hand, does not have this mild sweetness, but does in fact have a rather unpleasant metallic taste, relative to Motts.  I thought it was in my head but over and over I've compared both and the V8 definitely has some metallic orientation.  Why?  I greatly prefer the Motts after years of being a V8 person.  The metallic flavor I believe has something to do with magnesium something-or-other listed in the ingredients of V8, which is not found in Motts.  Sorry V8, you're outta here.....
proffotog proffotog 5 years
I have tried numerous brands of store Vegetable Juices and by far next to V8 RubyKist Vegetable Juice is my favorite of all of them and at a inexpensive price compared to most. You can find this brand at Family Dollar Stores for under $2.50 for a 64 oz. (1/2 gallon) jar.
wcabler wcabler 5 years
Ive been a religious V8 drinker for years. I like both classic and V8 Spicy. However, I stopped purchasing the spicy once I noticed that the sodium content is through the roof. I also love my bloody marys - virgin and not, and have been known to add a splash of hot sauce, pickle juice, and olive juice to a glass of classic V8. But, when I tasted Motts new Garden Vegetable, I fell in love immediately, and have COMPLETELY converted. I, personally can still taste the vegetable flavors including quite a bit of celery juice in the Motts, but I like that it is lighter, and isnt pulpy. That V8 pulp was always more like a meal than a glass of juice. And yes, Motts is DELICIOUS in Bloody Marys too!!
Donna860 Donna860 5 years
I have always put V8 juice in a vegtable soup that I make, but I decided to try yours instead, I was pleasantly surprised! I like the flavor much more than V8, it seems lighter and crisper. The best thing is it doesn't give me heart burn like V8 did. I have been drinking it every day. I love it.
ScreenScreams ScreenScreams 6 years
I just got Mott's Garden Blend last week, and I love it. I also love V8, but the Mott's has a vinegar tang that I find irresistible. I do wish I could taste more celery and carrot in it, however. So I guess I'll be drinking V8 one week, and Mott's the next!
mannylove mannylove 6 years
V8 has a low sodium version too! That's the one I always get.
amaebi519 amaebi519 6 years
I think Mott's seems to have more of a red pepper vibe. My choice, though, is Low Sodium V8...with a dash of Tabasco, a few shakes of Worcestershire and an ounce of gin! As a carboholic, I need to focus on getting my daily veggies, so I like to have one of these when I'm making dinner.
fuzzles fuzzles 6 years
I just checked the Mott's website--the juice comes in a low-sodium version that packs less than half of the original. Sweet! *tap dancing on keyboard* I'll keep my eyeballs peeled for this!
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