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Ratatouille, one of the summer's most entertaining movies (I checked with BuzzSugar), has been so successful in the theaters that Disney jumped at the chance to sell foodie related products. Among them, a California brand of Ratatouille wine with Remy, the cute little rat, on the label. However Disney's plans to introduce the wine at Costco have run into so many road blocks, that they have decided to drop the wine. According to spokesman Gary Foster,

We've decided to just not go through with it. We've been getting a trickle of inquiries and complaints.

Turns out the California Wine Institute was upset about having a California wine represent a movie that encourages and promotes all things French. Also the idea of having a wine based around a children's cartoon outraged the opponents of underage drinking.

I thought the idea of a wine based on the movie was clever and cute, but maybe that's because I always select wines based on their labels... what do you guys think? Are you glad Disney has put a stop to the plans?

Source: LA Times

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