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Disneyland Trains Now Running on Frying Oil

Can you imagine a land where you would go to McDonald's to purchase fuel for your car? Well that world might not be too far off. As of last week, all of the trains at Disneyland's Los Angeles theme park run on a biodiesel oil made from discarded cooking oil. Not only is the park saving money by reusing already purchased oil, but they are demonstrating how large corporations can make an effort to go green. Disneyland's five railroad trains are ridden by an estimated 6.6 million people each year using up about 200,000 gallons of fuel. The resort will generate enough cooking oil to provide half of this fuel. Disney's executive chef, Chris Hustesen, loves the idea and hopes the switch will "make more guests hungry for our fries."

Considering that I always reuse my cooking oil, I admire Disneyland's resourcefulness and commitment to being eco-friendly. I can't help but wonder if other companies will follow their lead. What do you think of the news? Do you recycle old frying oil?


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