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Do Home Remedies Work?

The other day I was ichatting with my Spanish friend Luisa. I mentioned that I was feeling very tired, had a little cough, and was worried that I was going to get ill. Luisa, who is a few years my elder and a mother, immediately began to prescribe home remedies to cure me from the sickness I didn't know I had. She recommended that I slice a large yellow onion in half and place it directly next to my bed when I went to sleep that night. She went on to list other cures for headaches, sore throats, even hemorrhoids. I got to thinking and wondered, do these crazy ideas really work? Would I be better off taking a pill from the drugstore or sleeping with a raw onion next to my head? Was Luisa just telling me old wives tales that her mother had told her, and her grandmother had told her mother? Or would it really miraculously make me feel better?

What do you think, do home remedies work?

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