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Do Ice Breakers Pacs Look Like Drug Paraphernalia?

At this year's All Candy Expo, Hershey's released a new product called Ice Breakers Pacs. The pacs are two strips of dissolvable mint strips with powdered sweetener — orange or cool mint — sandwiched between. The strips are heat-sealed and dissolve on your tongue.

Sound cool? Well the Philadelphia police don't think so. Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector William Blackburn said that it, "glorifies the drug trade." In fact, they believe that the pacs look nearly identical to heat-sealed bags used to sell crack, heroin and cocaine.

I must admit I didn't think much of it until I saw the powder spilling out of one of the pacs. Now it's too obvious to deny. However, the folks at Hershey's say that it's not intended to simulate anything and that each pac is stamped with the ice breakers logo.

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