Yesterday marked day one of the 2007 San Francisco Winter Fancy Foods Show (I'll be spotlighting my favorite finds throughout the week).
And although I'm not a morning person, I somehow managed to get my butt in gear in order to be seated for the 8:30am keynote by Eric Schlosser (author of Fast Food Nation).

During his keynote, which even Schlosser noted as depressing for an early Sunday morning, he talked about the state of our nation's eating habits and how unfortunate they are. We live in an era where (according to Schlosser's research), one of every five children eat french fries every day, and most of us consume what is quick and available. Overall, it was quite bleak, and mildly depressing (9am is really too early to learn about obese chickens grown for McNuggets). However, even when faced with all of his sad statistics, Schlosser manages to stay optimistic because:

It's not the fast food in the title that I care about, it's the nation.

He also remains optimistic due to the growth of consumer awareness. In the last 5-10 years, he has seen many more consumers become concerned with what they're eating, as well as a larger interest in organic and local foods.

So reader, how about you?

Do you buy organic foods?