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Do You Eat Meat Substitutes Like Tofurkey or Soyrizo?

I'm not a vegetarian and, therefore, don't have very much experience with meat substitutes like tofurkey or soyrizo, but I would love to learn more about these products. What is your experience with them? Do you enjoy eating and cooking with meat substitutes?

Source: Flickr User JP Puerta

Soniabonya Soniabonya 6 years
I've had a hankering for chorizo for a while now, but it would destroy my stomach. Thank goddess for meat alternatives. I'll have to look into the soyrizo. want one soooo bad.
Cymry Cymry 6 years
I'm not vegetarian, but love tofurky beer brats. Pork sausages give me headaches and just never taste as good as they look. A plus with tofurky is the high protein content, however avoid these if you can't eat wheat gluten (2nd ingredient listed).
Food Food 6 years
I'm a fan of soyrizo, but I just can't get into the roasts and such.
bluebellknoll bluebellknoll 6 years
I've never had tofurkey but soyrizo is great in a breakfast scramble.
ticamorena ticamorena 6 years
no, when i eat something, i want to visually recognise the ingredients it's made out of. so i'll gladly eat a bean burger where you can see and taste the actual vegetable ingredients and i don't mind tofu, but not when its heavily processed with mystery ingredients as a substitute for meat. likewise, i don't eat heavily processed meats from mechanically recovered meat etc
ladez ladez 6 years
The closest thing to a substitute I will get, is tofu. If I want meat, I'll have meat. If I want veggies, I'll have veggies. Those substitutes are just too unnatural for me.
fuzzles fuzzles 6 years
Thanks, girlA! Looking forward to partaking as well!
girlA girlA 6 years
Fuzzles, you can find FR at Vitamin Cottage, Whole Foods, and most health food stores. I love all their products--Their celebration roast is really good and I think the sausages are wonderful--great for all kinds of meals. I picked up the roast with hazelnuts and cranberries for Thanksgiving--really looking forward to that!
Spectra Spectra 6 years
I used to eat Boca burgers sometimes, but only the ones that were pretty heavily seasoned. Otherwise, they taste a little fake. I have also tried soy hot dogs and I thought they were gross.
gingirl gingirl 6 years
I'm not a big fan of fake meat, either. I only stopped eating meat in the last few years, so I know what real meat tastes like and what the texture is like. It's really the texture that throws me off on fake meats, ugh. Though I am a fan of Quorn! Love their cutlets and nuggets. Right texture and taste! :)
fuzzles fuzzles 6 years
girlA, I've heard you mention this brand before. I just looked at their website and found several local stores that carry Field Roast. Any favorites to recommend? Everything looks good! :feedme:
amber512 amber512 6 years
I have never seen any without fillers. Then again, I think Amy's Bison Burger is actually gluten-free!
girlA girlA 6 years
Most alternative meats don't actually have many fillers, have little to no saturated fat and so on. Field Roast is actually all grains, vegetables and spices--nothing else and I think they're the best.
fuzzles fuzzles 6 years
I haven't tried the two that you mentioned, but the Morningstar crumbles are pretty good. A few years back I tried MFs "beef" or "chicken" strips when they first came out with the product. Absolutely inedible. They could have improved them since then, though.
b1uebunn b1uebunn 6 years
I really like Quorn for meat substitutes. We like to get the Quorn roast for Thanksgiving, which tastes great and is really healthy.
limelindsey limelindsey 6 years
I'm an omnivore and I'm not fond of fake meat. It's not the meaty flavor, but what exactly do they put in there to make it taste like meat? I'd rather not. The only kind I will eat is the Morningstar crumbles - they have the consistency of ground beef or turkey, and they're great in tacos or chili.
amber512 amber512 6 years
No. I can't stand meat and they always try and taste like meat. But mostly I don't eat them because they are full of fillers and junk.
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 6 years
I can't get into them. I'd just rather have a vegetable dish.
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