The other night we (the bf and I) went out to dinner with my friend Adam and his pals. We headed over to A16 where we ate a thousand things, including a pizza as our appetizer. I'd go into detail about everything (it was delicious), but the thing that totally grabbed my attention was dessert. It was a chocolate tart drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt (unfortunately we devoured it before I could remember to snap a photo). I loved it because of the way the salt paired with the sweetness of the chocolate, and yet the whole thing was smooth and creamy (the extra olive oil definitely helped with that). The bf on the other hand, thought it was too much - he didn't want his sweets to be salty. We'll disagree on that one, but I'm personally glad to see this sweet and salty dessert is a growing trend.

So how about you, do you like salty sweets?