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Tom-W Tom-W 5 years
It depends on whether you consider wearing a paper napkin tucked in your shirt collar is the same thing as wearing a bib. When I was growing up, my step dad always made us tuck a paper napkin in our shirt collars during meals, so it became a forced habit that has become hard to break. To me, a bib is more like plastic that is tied around your neck like babies wear. A paper napkin is more of an absorbent  paper shield for your shirt and is not the same as a real bib. Seems like when I eat a meal without my napkin tucked around my neck, I always manage to at least get a small stain on my clothes. My shirts and ties are expensive and I hate ruining them so unless I am really offending someone, I typically will tuck my paper in around my collar. I have three boys who are somewhat messy eaters, so tucking their napkins in is not only a must, but a requierment as long as I am paying for their clothing.
saunasuitdude saunasuitdude 5 years
i wear a plastic bib every time i eat. i can be messy.  I work as a barber and will wear a bib or a vinyl cape from the barber shop since it  covers more.
saunasuitdude saunasuitdude 5 years
i wear a bib every time i eat.  i can be messy at times, so i usually wear a bib. i work as a barber and either wear a plastic bib or a vinyl cape from the barber shop.  they both work great.
bibby1 bibby1 7 years
fancyme - i totally agree, would love to have my waiter out on my bib for me!, i think bibs should be more acceptable and one should be supplied in restaurants/cafes if u choose to wear one- it should be put on you too as a complete service! maybe the waiter could then feed me too, but then i am lazy! what do u guys think?
fancyme fancyme 9 years
Like bibby, I enjoy wearing a bib while eating and find that it relaxes me. A plastic bib is the best since any mess can be wiped off. I usually wear a Whinnie the Poo toddlers bib with the strings for the arms cut off. The bib then covers my entire front. I too, often wear the bib in a restaurant. The waitress usually laughs at me. I eat breakfast often in a particular restaurant and the waitress ties the bib on me as soon as I sit down. I'm a little crazy but have dun wearing my bib.
bibby bibby 9 years
i wear a bib all the time, i am 44 and i sit and wear bibs all the time. I have done since i was little. most of the time i put my bib on for my tea and leave it on all night! in fact i am wearing one now and i haven't eaten yet. i don't always use a bib, i sometimes use a towel, depends what i am eating. my husband is fine with and sometimes puts the bib on for me. I have worn bibs in restaurants and even at work. it's nothing to be ashamed off! i just love wearing bibs!
Tom-W Tom-W 9 years
I have three messy boys ages 10, 12, and 14. All three are required to wear their napkin tucked in their collars during meals because all three manage to get food stains on their shirts. It is really no big deal. Paper napkins are there for a reason, to prevent ruining your clothes. Spaghetti sauce looks better on the paper napkin than it does your shirt or tie. When I was in high school, our ROTC instructor insisted we wear our napkins tucked in around our necks or we would get in so much trouble not to mention demerits. He did not allow us to get anything on our uniforms.
helenh helenh 9 years
Bibs look stupid. That being said, it seems that no matter HOW careful I am -- if I am eating anything (pasta, for instance) with red sauce in it, it never fails -- I have been known to move the fork too fast or innocently knock my elbow on the table or something, and the teensiest splatters will go all over my blouse, or an unfortunate big blob of whatever. And even if the stain may be the size of pindots -- *I* can see them. And it takes forever to get all those teeny spots when I go to wash it by hand. Or, something greasy will fall on my blouse, and it takes forever and a day to get it out of my blouse that evening. Therefore, I have decided that looking stupid for one hour during lunch, beats looking stupid for the rest of the day and possibly into evening if I don't get a chance to change.
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
Lord no.
MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 9 years
I think if you lean over and eat slowly and purposefully, you don't need one. If people want to wear them, though, I don't think anything of it.
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 9 years
I do it at home but not in public. Sometimes I even change my shirt. I've ruined a lot of shirts with food.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
No Never, I actually am a very polite eater with manners. Bibs are for people who dont know how to eat.
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