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My parents' dog Lacey's nickname is Cupcake. She has a thing for sweets and has eaten more than one homemade dessert. Thus, the last time I was baking a cake at their house, I wasn't taking any chances. I took the cakes from the oven and set them on the pool table to cool. Although I don't normally put food on the pool table, I knew the dog wouldn't be able to get to cakes. How about you? Will you place food in random places to ensure it won't get eaten or ruined?

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lilcat lilcat 7 years
I have two great danes so our baked good always cool on top of the refrigerator!!
MicheleMari MicheleMari 7 years
Absolutely! I have a cat who will wait for me to leave the kitchen so he can sneak in and taste whatever I've set out to cool. I've come in to find little paw prints across a whole sheet cake, and the flaky layer of a pan of brownies completely missing. Once, he even got into some freshly toasted coconut that was cooling on the counter. Now I let things cool on top of the fridge, the top of the entertainment center, anywhere inaccessible to him.
Spectra Spectra 7 years
LOL, yeah, I have a 3-season porch off the kitchen that is a great place to put baked goods to let them cool. I have a little table out there and I'll put stuff out there to cool so the dog doesn't get tempted to steal it.
courtneyd courtneyd 7 years
I don't usually cool food in odd places, but I do let my dough rise in the dryer. I normally run it a little bit to get it warm, let it cool a bit, then close up my pizza or bread dough for a while.
Sundaydrive Sundaydrive 7 years
Nope. My dog is too small to get anything off the counters, and my boyfriend doesn't care for sweets so I don't have to worry about keeping things away from him either.
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 7 years
No. I'm such neat-freak, organizing-freak, I actually have a spot in the kitchen for cooling baked goods. It's a table by the window.
chiefdishwasher chiefdishwasher 7 years
Eight ball in the win!
jillybean jillybean 7 years
I generally cool things on the kitchen counter, but I have let them cool other places as well, depending on space and circumstances.
spngebobmyhero spngebobmyhero 7 years
I said no, but that is only because I have a tiny apartment and there isn't really anywhere but my kitchen to let things cool!
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