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Do You Put Nuts in Your Cookies/Brownies?

Today, during our Live Chat (join us next Thursday at 11am PT / 2pm ET), we started talking about brownies and cookies and whether or not adding nuts brings anything to the flavor party. Not everyone agrees with me, but I personally don't think nuts belong in brownies or cookies (oatmeal cookie perhaps, but never chocolate chip - with an occasional exception for macadamia nuts).

So how about you, do you put nuts in your cookies or brownies?

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will205 will205 8 years
i put oatmeal in my cookies, but i prefer to eat (and serve) my brownies fudgy
baltimoregal baltimoregal 10 years
I put pecans in Nestle's Toll House Cookies- some ground up & some in pieces. Yummy!! And I always put pecan pieces in brownies. The secret is to make sure the pieces are fresh and not too big. I make sure I put a note on them if they'll be left out for others, and if I know someone at an event has an allergy I will make some without nuts, too. BaltimoreGal
lickety-split lickety-split 10 years
i cannot stand the texture of any nuts. peanut butter (smooth) and almond extract are all i really will deal will on the nut front.
kscincotta kscincotta 10 years
I love nuts in most everything! I think brownies without walnuts are just sad!!
vmruby vmruby 10 years
I put nuts in my brownies only. I don't like them in cookies.....
PinkSparkleGrl PinkSparkleGrl 10 years
This may sound weird but....I love nuts on their own (I associate them in a big bowl for the holidays), but I do not like nuts IN any of my food.
Blue-Sarah Blue-Sarah 10 years
I use all nuts with the exception of peanuts.
luv_my_junk luv_my_junk 10 years
I am not a fan of nuts in my food, especially my baked goods. I don't like the texture or the flavor of baked nuts. On a *RARE* occasion I like peanuts in my peanut butter cookies...but even then it's not that appealing to me. My husband on the other hand would eat them in everything if I would let him. Another one of our many "opposites attract" moments added to the list, lol!
LesleyP825 LesleyP825 10 years
My sister is allergic to nuts so if I'm making something for our family then I don't. But usually I do.
mandiesoh mandiesoh 10 years
i voted noooo. i dont like nuts!
lorioz lorioz 10 years
The only time I use nuts is if the recipe exactly calls for them, and it is necessary. I never put them in when the are optional.
SaraSmile SaraSmile 10 years
I'll put walnuts in boxed brownie mix to add extra flavor, but not in brownies from scratch. I don't like nuts in chocolate chip cookies although a lot of my favorite cookie recipes - raspberry almond linzers and Mexican tea cakes, for example - call for them. The nut allergy is definitely something to take into consideration when baking for people you don't know well.
rubialala rubialala 10 years
I don't do it to my baking, but I'll eat it if that's the way someone else made it.
Marci Marci 10 years
Nuts are great, but a lot of people are allergic to them. Me included.
mississippigirl1 mississippigirl1 10 years
Wow, I had no idea so many people were anti-nuts. I think they're delicious and bring a new dimension to cookies and brownies. Also, they bring a salty and crunchy component, which is good for those of us who have to have something salty after we eat something sweet or vice versa. Also, instead of eating a huge chunk of sugar and carbs, you're actually getting some healthy fats and proteins in there. Just my opinion though...
susanec susanec 10 years
I put them in almond biscotti but not much else for many of the reasons stated above, allergies, etc. Usually I have chocolate chips or dried fruit or other goodies and there and they're not truly necessary. Oh, I guess I make sticky buns and sometimes put hazelnuts in one pan but not the other. Depends.
3Sweeties 3Sweeties 10 years
The nuts are the best part! You've got Mark Bittman's brownie philosophy, Yum.
Meearya Meearya 10 years
If it were possible, I would put nuts in EVERYTHING. I love all nuts, roasted, raw, salted, unstalted, butters... Thank god for my fast metabolism, without it, and considering my nut intake, I'd be HUGE! Just thinking about nuts makes me want a huge spoonful of chunky peanut butter.....
Food Food 10 years
Oh good point puddinpie, I forgot I have a sometimes exception for peanuts in peanut butter cookies too.
amyfinke amyfinke 10 years
I love them, but if it's for a party or work function I leave the nuts out in case someone's allergic or doesn't like them.
kimretta kimretta 10 years
I don't like nuts very much in general, but I really can't stand them in my baked goods. I had some yummy almond bread once, but that's the only exception I can think of.
puddinpie puddinpie 10 years
I do add crushed peanuts to my chunky peanut butter cookies, but not to chocolate chip cookies or brownies. Hmm now that I think about it, I don't usually add nuts to cookies or brownies, but that's because I'm worried that the people eating them might have allergies. I usually use nuts in specific treats, like bourbon pecan pie or almond biscotti where people expect to see nuts and would therefore avoid them if they're allergic.
emisaurusrex emisaurusrex 10 years
Not usually in my brownies (although sometimes I do, depends on my mood) I always put them in any kind of chocolate or chocolate chip cookie. It gives them texture! And more deliciousness.
bfly1133 bfly1133 10 years
My husband doesn't like nuts, so I don't use them often. But, I like them. :) I put them in when I am making something for myself or the book club girls.
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