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Do You Think Sebastian Reversed Ramsay's Changes?

Do You Think Sebastian Reversed Ramsay's Changes?

Last night's episode of Kitchen Nightmares was certainly a cliffhanger; what on earth happened to Sebastian's restaurant? Sebastian, the delusional owner and chef of the Southern California pizzeria, clashed with Gordon Ramsay over the menu, the food, and the approach towards owning a restaurant. Ninety five percent of Sebastian's conceptual, convoluted menu was reheated, frozen food. After Ramsay simplified things by focusing on homemade pizzas, Sebastian threw a massive temper tantrum, causing chaos and confusion in his kitchen.

What did you think of the episode? Were you outraged by Sebastian's immature and rude behavior? Do you think he reversed Ramsay's changes and went back to the frozen foods and conceptual menu?

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