Come Party With Me: My Birthday Party — Invite

Well folks, it's time for me to plan my favorite event of the year — my birthday party! Since I threw a blow-out bash at a bar for 27 and a big picnic at an oyster farm for 27.5, I've decided that, for 28, things should be more subdued. Thus, I'm hosting an intimate dinner party for me and my 20 closest friends. The dinner will be served in my grandfather's gorgeous backyard, but before I can think about the menu, I have to send invitations. To learn how I made the ones seen here,


I wanted an invite that looks clean, fun, and is representative of my personality. After searching several paper stores in San Francisco, I decided on a navy, cream, and turquoise theme. I purchased the majority of my supplies at Paper Source. Here's what I used:

  • Dark blue cardstock
  • Decorative paper
  • Glittery paper
  • Satin ribbon
  • Single hole punch
  • Sequins
  • Glue
  • Cream printer paper
  • computer
  • printer

Here's how I made the invite:

  1. First, I decided on the long rectangular shape (4 1/8x9 1/2 inch) of the envelope. Next I cut the navy cardstock down to 4-x-9 inches. This would be the base of the invite.
  2. I created a stencil of the word party by opening a blank workbook sized at 4-x-9 inches in Photoshop. I made the font as large as it could be (to fit in the space) and printed on regular paper. Using a pencil, I carefully connected the letters and cut out the word. I traced it onto a thick piece of cardstock and cut out again to create a stencil.
  3. I traced the stencil onto the glittery paper and cut out 20.
  4. Next I focused on the text. I opened another blank workbook, this time sized at 3-x-8 inches. Then I wrote the following message:
    Your presence is requested at a birthday dinner to honor PartySugar

    Saturday, September 19, 2009
    Cocktails begin at 6:45

    Al Hogan's House
    Alamo, California 94507

    Dress your best!
    Regrets only: 415.444.4444

    I printed this out and had FabSugar check for spelling and grammatical errors. When I was satisfied with the text, I printed it with a thin border on 23 sheets of nice paper. I cut these down to size.

  5. To create a border for the back of the invite, I cut the decorative paper into 1-inch strips.
  6. Next I cut the satin ribbon down to 3-4 inch pieces. I needed 4 ribbons for each invite, in total 80 ribbons.
  7. Once I had all of the elements ready, it was time to assemble. I punched a whole in the glittery word Party and the base navy cardstock in four places: at the bottom and top of the P and the bottom and top of the Y. I used the ribbon to tie the glittery party stencil to the navy-blue cardstock, and repeated until all the invites were complete.
  8. Then I turned the invite over and glued the decorative paper strips onto the edge of the navy cardstock to create a border. I trimmed off the excess and used this to fill in the remaining sides, repeating until each invite back had a border.
  9. I glued the text to the middle of the back of the invite and repeated until all the invite backs were finished.
  10. To give the invites some sparkle, I glued several sequins to the front (the side with the word party) of each invite. Then I set all of the invites aside to dry for several hours.
  11. I slide the completed invites into the envelopes, addressed them with a nice navy pen, and sent!
Can not wait to see the menu..........will any thing be bacon wrapped????????????????????
Wow! I love these — and can appreciate all the attention to detail!
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