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Dominique Ansel's Blooming Hot Chocolate

You'll Be Completely Mesmerized by Chef Dominique Ansel's Blooming Hot Chocolate

Famous French pastry chef Dominique Ansel just invented your next dessert obsession: Blossoming Hot Chocolate. A thin marshmallow, shaped like a flower, is bunched inside a white chocolate cup to resemble a closed flower bud. When placed in a cup of hot cocoa, the chocolate melts, causing the marshmallow to expand and blossom to reveal a marshmallow flower, complete with a chocolate truffle in the middle. The treat is available at Dominique Ansel's NYC, Tokyo, and London bakeries. Get it quick while it's still hot! In the meantime, allow these videos and photos to captivate you.

Our Blossoming Hot Chocolate got a little makeover, with beautiful marshmallow flowers in all different colors! As we drop the marshmallow flower into a cup of our Chef's Hot Chocolate, watch as it "blooms" before your eyes. ☕️🌸 #blossominghotchocolate #DominiqueAnselJapan #DABJapan #marshmallow  人気のホットチョコレートが進化しました!カラフルな新色が登場です🌼マシュマロのお花の蕾をホットチョコレートの上に落とすと、皆様の目の前でみるみるうちに可愛らしいマシュマロお花が咲きます!ビターな #ホットチョコレート の上に甘くてトロトロな #マシュマロ は相性抜群☕️ #ドミニクアンセルベーカリー

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#BlossomingHotChocolate now blooming in #Tokyo, #NewYork, and #London!

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