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Beyond Cronuts: Pastry Chef Dominique Ansel's Other Feats and Treats

Sep 8 2013 - 4:25am

Chef Dominique Ansel, inventor of the phenomenon known as the Cronut [1], refuses to be a one-hit wonder. He recently said of his croissant-doughnut hybrid [2], "I don't want the creation to kill the creativity. It's not so much about making the next Cronut. It's about making something other than the Cronut." Frozen s'more [3] popsicles and brioche-encased soufflés [4] are just a few other brilliant creations produced by Dominique that deserve credit, too! Take a look these and other notable nibbles available at the bakery.

Source: Instagram [5]

Pastry Case

Some customers turn their noses up when they arrive at the counter, and Cronuts are all sold out [6]. Others recognize and capture the beautiful work done by the bakery, like this lovely customer who Instagrammed the pastry case and said, "All kinds of pastries at #dominiqueansel not just #cronut."

Source: Instagram user insta_shirl [7]

The Magic Soufflé

This week, Dominique Ansel introduced his latest creation, "The #MagicSouffle: A Grand Marnier chocolate soufflé all enclosed in a toasted orange blossom brioche."

Source: Instagram user dominiqueansel [8]

Frozen S'more

Earlier in the Summer, Dominique Ansel debuted a sweet American mashup called the frozen s'more [9], which features a cube of vanilla ice cream, coated in chocolate wafers and a frozen marshmallow shell that's toasted to order.

Source: Instagram user goldbely [10]


DKA (Dominique's kouign-amann [11]) was the signature standby prior to the Cronut's arrival. Similar to a sugary croissant, it's still worth a try.

Source: Instagram user kortria [12]


No French bakery is complete without a rainbow selection of macarons [13].

Source: Instagram user dianazzwang [14]

Cannelé de Bordeaux

With a caramelized exterior and custardy center, you can't go wrong with the petite cannelé de Bordeaux. Serious Eats even dubbed it a "best sweet bite of 2012 [15]."

Source: Instagram user kortria [16]

Bakery Case Selections

Chocolate caviar tarts, salted caramel éclairs, and apricot sunflower tarts fill the colorful case.

Source: Instagram user meteoramc [17]

Madeleine Cookies

These complimentary mini madeleine cookies are passed around [18] while customers wait in the excessive line, but they are also sold by the basket.

Source: Instagram user kortria [19]

Avocado Toast

Whoa, whoa, whoa: we're going to throw you for a major loop here. The bakery serves savory items, too. According to one customer, Dominique's avocado toast is "the only reason I ever come to New York." That's a big statement.

Source: Instagram user mckennabryn [20]

Notable Nibbles

If you arrive early enough, you can snag all of the bakery's famous treats: the Cronut, frozen s'more, "Magic Soufflé," DKA, and cannelé.

Source: Instagram user sandymuhaha [21]

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