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Dunkin Donuts Pulls Ad Featuring Rachael Ray in a Keffiyeh

Rachael Ray a Terrorist?

Dunkin Donuts has pulled an advertisement featuring Rachael Ray because some people believe she is wearing what could be construed as a terrorist symbol. Apparently, the black and white scarf she wears in the ad resembles a traditional headdress, known as a keffiyeh, worn by Arab men.

The criticism of the scarf was spearheaded by Michelle Malkin, a conservative Fox News commentator. On her blog, she complains about the trendiness of such a powerful symbol:

Popularized by Yasser Arafat and a regular adornment of Muslim terrorists appearing in beheading and hostage-taking videos, the apparel has been mainstreamed by both ignorant and not-so-ignorant fashion designers, celebrities, and left-wing icons.

At first Dunkin Donuts dismissed the complaints but later pulled the ad and released the following statement:

In a recent online ad, Rachael Ray is wearing a black-and-white silk scarf with a paisley design. It was selected by her stylist for the advertising shoot. Absolutely no symbolism was intended. However, given the possibility of misperception, we are no longer using the commercial.

I think the whole thing was blown out of proportion. How about you? Do you think anyone could mistake Rachael Ray for a terrorist?


LilGlamDiva LilGlamDiva 8 years
..what. I never would have made that connection. People have tooooo much spare time.
crystahl crystahl 8 years
umm no. no terrorist intentions. thats just silly.
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 9 years
get real ppl!
devils devils 9 years
I think some people have too much time on their hands to actually go to the lengths to say this was a symbol of terrorism.
ktpotat ktpotat 9 years
Are you kidding with the Scarf.So now you can't wear a Black and white scarf.I can't believe it
McAvoy-lover McAvoy-lover 9 years
Don't bust on RR - Michelle Malkin is a BOTTOM FEEDER, and Dunkin Donuts PR firm is unamerican for pulling it. UNREAL!
ayuninur ayuninur 9 years
I agree with leeluvfashion. it's just a scarf!
AmberHoney AmberHoney 9 years
I'm a RR fan, I feel most people hate her cause she's happy, successful and normal; this whole scarf issue is a big f-ing joke. I'm surely more concerned about what Britney is up to these days - not. I'm gonna go make a sammy, eat it with my perfect hubby, share some with my dog and see what other crap is on the news; maybe the war in Iraq has ended.
Calimie Calimie 9 years
I don't know who is that Rachel Ray but saying that scarf means supporting terrorism? God, that's so stupid. It's a scarf. So what if it's worn also by left-wing people? I'm about to buy one just to spite all those who think like that.
NoSTaLGiCV NoSTaLGiCV 9 years
Michelle Malkin works for Fox News. I think that explains a lot.
sexylibrarian sexylibrarian 9 years
WTF?? Rachael Ray a Terrorist? Next thing you know George Bush will do a chest bump with an air force graduate. Oh wait that already happened. This is bordering on insane. However we should be afraid that she will smear some EVOO on us! It is a fashion statement not a terrorist threat people come on!!
nikodarling nikodarling 9 years
The stupidest thing is that it is NOT EVEN a keffiyeh. It just bears a slight resemblance to one.
katiedid0985 katiedid0985 9 years
So stupid. Why the hell would DD pull the ad over some Fox whacko's clearly ridiculous (and somewhat racist!) blatherings? Makes me not want to go to DD, despite loving their ice coffee...
orisugar orisugar 9 years
Are you freaking kidding me??? That's so weird. It's just a scarf! I think those who saw it as a symbol of terrorism are as deluded and fanatic as the fundamentalists they are opposed to. And labeling a piece of clothing that Muslims wear as 'terrorist garb' is like saying a baseball cap is a symbol of a sociopath, because a kid who shot at his whole school wore one. Absurd.
ashleygaidhlig ashleygaidhlig 9 years
what? everyone has one of those scarves now...
looseseal looseseal 9 years
Haha, linb, I want a donut now, too. It's a donut conspiracy! Ugh, I hate how some (stupid) people associate all things Middle Eastern with terrorism. A while ago I was working on this hotel ad featuring cartoon pandas dressed in garb from around the world. I drew one panda in sari, and the hotel PR person had me pull that particular panda because it "looks like a terrorist". On the other hand maybe the PR person is just playing it smart by anticipating that there are a lot of stupid people out there who'd have a negative reaction to the cartoon panda in a sari. In which case, that assumption would be spot-on. Never underestimate human stupidity.
hayworthgilda hayworthgilda 9 years
Conservatives/Republicans/the right NEED to realize that it is this stupid crap that is resulting in people running the opposite direction of their party. I realize that O'Reilly, Limbaugh, and Malkin aren't officially connected to the political organizations, but they are linked in public perception, and they are making their names at the expense of the political party/candidates for whom they claim to advocate. A well-timed vocal smackdown is overdue. Argh. Malkin is a damn fool. She's a child of immigrants whose stance on immigration issues is so draconian that under her rules, SHE wouldn't be a citizen. It's like some overzealous embracing of "American"-ness, but embracing and reflecting all of the worst, most xenophobic qualities. Furthermore, DD is owned by the Carlyle Group, so maybe she wants to rethink her call for a boycott. Which raises a more serious question: if you want to spread democracy in the Middle East, why have you not used your #1 tool? Delicious, delicious donuts! Jihadists can only hate our infidel ways for so long once they smell that wonderful coffee-and-sugar DD smell. mmmmm...democracy.
SL56 SL56 9 years
This is RIDICULOUS! (and not only because of..calling rachel ray a terrorist..and because of a scarf? That's just funny) But mainly because of this, the scarf is simular to scarfs that some people from Arab countries wear, and so that is a symbol of terrorism!? ..this is crazy, so all Arabs are terrorists! How small minded do you have to be to think like that! Its like saying all german people are nasists, all italian are fasists and people from N-america are all stone-cold kapitalists!..its ridiculous!
sgp87 sgp87 9 years
RIDICULOUS! Even if it does resemble the headdress Arab men wear, NOT ALL ARAB MEN ARE TERRORISTS. This makes nfuriates me. Then I could say all white males are serial killers just because Ted Bundy was. RIDICULOUS!
idawson idawson 9 years
mondaymoos - here is that original article. it substantiates your comments
samisalsa samisalsa 9 years
This is almost as stupid as The Great Starbucks 9/11 Scandal of 2002.
rgrl rgrl 9 years
I really like that scarf, does anyone know where I can get one? ;)
ladychaos ladychaos 9 years
An FBI agent walks into Barney's NYC... Salesperson: "Hi! Is there something I can help you with?" Agent: "Yes. I'm here to confiscate all of your Pashmina..." But seriously, not everybody from the middle east is a terrorist, and I highly doubt that an old school American trend (trust, we all know that the old church ladies wear scarves around their necks with their sherbet colored dresses and suits with matching hats). Like ladolcevita said...we need to stop worrying about petty b.s., and stop wasting our money trying to oust Rachel Ray as a terrorist instead of helping Katrina victims. After all, how the HELL is the U.S. funding aid and relief for Myammar and Darfur, yet we have no money to send a few hours south to help our own people in one of the most culturally rich areas of America where there is a wealth of true American culture. The new face of terrorism: (*note* If I suddenly stop posting its because the government has come to arrest me for the wealth of bandannas and scarves in my possession)
outofhere outofhere 9 years
Oh brother! :oy:
chiquita29 chiquita29 9 years
So now we need to worry about wearing something that may offend someone because it might resemble terrorist fashion? Should I throw away my paisely Ann Taylor dress too? Give me a break.
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