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Emeril Lagasse to Join Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia

Martha Says Bam!

As I've mentioned in the past, there seems to be a lot of interesting things going down at the Food Network. Recently, Emeril Live was canceled, but his reps assured us that he wasn't leaving the network. Well, looks like someone had the wrong information or tried to keep things under wraps because this morning Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia announced that they bought the rights to the Emeril franchise. Their deal — currently at $50 million, but could potentially be valued at $70 million — will include Emeril's cookbooks, tv shows, food products, kitchen products, and cookware. The deal is not including his eleven restaurants.

Everything is expected to go through later this year. Susan Lyne, president and CEO of MSLO, said:

Emeril brings talent, energy, and legions of fans to the Martha Stewart family, along with a powerful brand and an attractive, profitable business franchise.

I was really hoping she'd just say, "BAM!" instead.

So what do you think of this move? Do you think it's smart for them to take on Emeril?


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PinkNC PinkNC 9 years
I love these two. They both have such great ideas.
celebrity_soup celebrity_soup 9 years
martha has it all! nice deal :)
kapikani kapikani 9 years
Heh, I didn't know this was going on until I read it this morning. I think Emeril was good in the beginning. Couldn't help but say "Bam!" myself. However, I agree that it got old pretty fast and he got annoying. I stopped watching his show after a season or two because the recipes he shared were stuff that the average person doesn't even eat or cook. I also used to love watching Martha's show (again, in the beginning) though stopped because she got quite dull. Even her magazines are a waste of money; the whole thing is filled with ads and a few recipes here and there and articles on useless things. Honestly, I don't care about so and so's garden, etc... I would love to flip through it and find decent amount of recipes, tips on cooking and tips on anything home related and so on. I know she has a page or two where she answer questions, but come on, spice it up a bit. Now, whether she did a good thing buying it depends on whether Emeril was tired of everything he got himself involved in or whether she was being sneaky as always and pulling the rug from under another person. Plus, I don't think she could do any good or bad to it. Hmm, I think I stopped making sense. Oh well... :-)
Schaianne Schaianne 9 years
I can't stand her. I won't be watching Emeril.
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 9 years
hmmm, makes me wonder what Martha is up too :D
puddinpie puddinpie 9 years
^No, the FN said they had shows taped to last through 2008 that were taped last year. Whether or not this is a smart move, I read yesterday that FN's pulling in more advertising money, and it was speculated that this was because Emeril was leaving the network. I watched Emeril when I was in grade 9 and just learning how to cook, but his schtick got old really fast and I couldn't stomach his Emeril Love show after a couple of seasons.
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
wow - that's really interesting to hear that news. i know that the food network was trying to make people stay calm by saying that they had shows shot to last through 2010 i think...but wow - this is news. i don't know how that will impact martha's family - but we'll just have to wait and see i guess
Dana18 Dana18 9 years
Mathra's gots some big buck to take over Emeril.
wingedkiare wingedkiare 9 years
Wow. Kudos to MSLO for pulling it off.
ms_dior_cherie ms_dior_cherie 9 years
bam! thats a good thing ;)
x_juicyfruit x_juicyfruit 9 years
Wow, I had no idea this was going on. I think she knows what she's doing.
bellaressa bellaressa 9 years
This woman is so savvy. I also agree with busy--I love the sweater too!
busybeegal busybeegal 9 years
Martha's pretty business savvy. I'd be pretty sure she knows what she's doing. On a side note, I'm LOVING her sweater.
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
Oh wow, sneaky!
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