While we're always excited about the newest Hershey's candy or next Cheetos flavor, we adore trying handmade, artisanal products from smaller vendors. In our new series Artisanal Pick, we're highlighting small-batch products that we've tried, tested, and devoured.

If you told me a few months back that I'd be swooning over a jar of pickled cauliflower, I'd likely scoff. But, in this case, I couldn't be happier to be wrong. Full of tangy-vinegar punch and with a perfect crisp, but not too crisp texture, these pickles from Emmy's Pickles and Jams ($8) were one of my favorite things I tasted as a judge at the Good Food Awards, and I wasn't even judging the pickles category!

Since my first tentative nibble (I'm typically a rather stalwart broccoli and cauliflower-hater) I've been smitten. In fact, I couldn't help but pop one after another of the tender florets in my mouth, despite initially trying these briny, Indian-spiced pickles on a rather full stomach. Just ask the food team; I cannot and will not stop talking about them, so it seemed that it was time to finally bring in a jar to the office to share.

Not too surprisingly, the consensus was that they're a game changer of sorts. Novel, but not so out of the box to remain squarely in the "interesting" category, these pickles are an excellent snack eaten plain — I somewhat shamefully often eat them straight from the jar — but they'd add zing to any manner of dishes, in particular, as an excellent foil for fatty meats as part of a charcuterie spread. All in all, I'd suggest you cast aside any doubts you might have about the concept of pickled cauliflower and snap up a jar; they're really just that good.