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Enter to Win $3,000 in Prizes and Master the Art of Brunching With Kahlúa®

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For city dwellers and suburbanites, weekend mornings are reserved for brunch. No other get-together lends itself so well to catch-ups and recaps of the previous night's revelry. You and your girlfriends have brunch down to a science. From the moment you sit down until you're taking those last sips of your Kahlúa® and coffee, this meal is a well-designed dance of chatting and cheering.

To celebrate this tasty tradition, we're giving away $2,000 to put toward an afternoon spent brunching and shopping plus a $1,000 spa gift certificate to share with your best girlfriends. If you're 21 years of age or older, enter for your chance to win! Just let us know why you're counting down to your next weekend rendezvous by taking the poll below.

Must be 21 years of age or older to enter.

Click here for the official rules.

pamwakeford pamwakeford 5 years
I would love to win this
cboll1962 cboll1962 5 years
Who doesn't like Kahula
zipper300 zipper300 5 years
love love LOVE Kahula!!
zipper300 zipper300 5 years
what a combination..Khalua and shopping..thats heaven  on earth!!
hearteyes4adam hearteyes4adam 5 years
would love to take my best gal shopping! Until then, We'll be at the bar if you need us. lol
Richard2635676 Richard2635676 5 years
Let's get it on!!!
clebron11 clebron11 5 years
I am ready. willing, and able..Hope I do win this great prize
clebron11 clebron11 5 years
Im ready to gomm<take that spa and massage
Fernando2631782 Fernando2631782 5 years
im    ready   2  bbq   this    summer
zipper300 zipper300 5 years
kahula!! Oh yea!!
garygreen garygreen 5 years
I would love to win this prize.
Fernando2631782 Fernando2631782 5 years
i  want   to   win
zipper300 zipper300 5 years
ahhhh  gotta love Kahula!!!
mrcontest2 mrcontest2 5 years
I'll drink to that," Kahlua is tasty"
Fernando2631782 Fernando2631782 5 years
ii  want  to  win
Fernando2631782 Fernando2631782 5 years
i  like
jp7191 jp7191 5 years
nice site!
ljh1999 ljh1999 5 years
kahlua and ice. so nice.
zipper300 zipper300 5 years
Kahula =happiness
willitara willitara 5 years
It's a wonderful way to relax and regenerate.
ladyt64 ladyt64 5 years
Looking forward to it just for some rest and relaxation.
Marinalane Marinalane 5 years
lol! You forgot "It gives me a break from the kids!" =D
momofbats momofbats 5 years
Love it!!
naynays1 naynays1 5 years
Love Kahlua-
evasminispas evasminispas 5 years
Luv Luv Luv Kahlua & Cream, could definitely see me and my girls enjoying some together!!!!
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