Epicurious at the Farmers Market
Epicurious at the Farmers Market

Yesterday Tanya Steel, the award-winning editor in chief of Epicurious, was at the San Francisco Ferry Building. YumSugar and I took a walk down to meet with the Epicurious street team and check out the latest produce at the Tuesday morning market. On a green market tour to promote eating locally, Epicurious has created a bunch of special recipes that feature produce specific to each region. For some tips on how to eat locally and more pictures of Epicurious at the Ferry Building,


  • Subscribe to a farm delivery. Fresh, in-season fruit and vegetables can easily be delivered to your door.
  • Purchase fresh ingredients at farmers markets.
  • Stop at roadside stands for peak season produce.
  • Don't be afraid to ask growers for advice.
  • Grow a garden! Nothing is more local than your own backyard.

How do you eat locally? Share your tips with us below!

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