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Even Better Than The "Real Thing"

Holy Cannoli Batman! Get us to Costco stat!

Just in time for Cinco De Mayo, cases of authentic Mexican Coca Cola have been spotted at Costco. They're able to sell it since they've conformed to the US and California's regulations, such as labeling the CRV (the recycling deposit) and nutrition facts.

So why is this news? Well it tastes different, it's made from sugar instead of corn syrup, and people even say that the fizz lasts longer due to the glass bottle. The Atlanta based Coca-Cola Co. considers Mexican Coke in America to be a form of "bootlegging."

"We believe that the appeal of Mexican Coke is as much about nostalgia as it is about anything," says Martin. "It's like getting a piece of home in a bottle. You can't deny the fact that it's in a tall glass bottle, something you just can't find in most parts of the United States."

But it's the "same exact product," and Mexican bottlers are buying the ingredients straight from the company, says Martin.

If it's the same product, then tell me why they sell a kosher Coke during Passover that uses sugar, and tastes more like Mexican Coke?

Also, I wonder where the folks at Costco are getting their Mexican Coke from.

"[The non-Coca-Cola distributors are] trespassing on the territory rights of many U.S. bottlers," said Coke spokesman Martin. "Bringing it into the country is not illegal. But what it does do from the Coca-Cola standpoint is it violates contractual rights that we have with our bottlers. And it has potential trademark right infringements as well."

Hrmm... I better get myself to Costco while it's still available!

Source: SFist and Santa Cruz Sentinel
Image Source: slworking2 on Flickr - Thanks for documenting this for us!

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