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An Exhausting Way to Cook a Burger

Would you like a nice charbroiled burger? Oh wait, did I say charbroiled, I meant Car-broiled. That's right, I said car.

A group of inventors have created the Exhaust Burger that allows you to drive and cook burgers at the same time. The exhaust goes through the top of the contraption — don't worry, the exhaust doesn't actually touch the burger — and heats the metal. The metal then cooks the burger, sort of like a George Foreman grill, only there's nowhere for the grease to go. The product is still in the concept phase, but I can see where it could be helpful — no extra fuel or energy needed — however, there's something about it that just seems wrong. Wouldn't it just be a greasy mess? Yet, having said that, you all know I'd be the first in line to see what it tastes like!

Oh and does this remind anyone else of Alton Brown's Feasting on Asphalt contraption that allows him to cook stew while riding his motorcycle?

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