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Eyeball Tacos From Staten Island's Taqueria Puebla

Would You Eat Eyeball Tacos?

If you've got your eyes on the offal trend these days, then take a look at Village Voice reviewer Robert Sietsema's latest New York find: ojo tacos. Yep, you heard me right: that's ojo, as in eyeballs — specifically, goat eyeballs.

Sietsema didn't actually catch sight of anything staring back at him but writes of the taste: "There were clods of gooey yellowish stuff . . . the eyeball goo had a texture somewhere between gristle and grape jelly and had to be chewed, with each chew breaking down more of the congealed vitreous humor."

I've got a pretty standout stomach, but I don't think I could lay eyes on this one. And you?


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