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Fabio Viviani Recaps Top Chef All-Stars Season Finale

Fabio Viviani on the Top Chef All-Stars Season Finale

Who better to cover the last episode of Top Chef All-Stars than former cheftestant (and contender from this season!) Fabio Viviani? Chef, take it away!

It's over!! I mean almost. The finale is here in the sunny Bahamas, I'd rather today to go water-skiing than get picked and help my two brothers (hey, at the end they ARE from a different mother), but I'll do my fair share and talk them into NOT picking me, but I promise that if I will I'll give heart and soul. Richard is worry.

Mike want to beat Richie and start some serious physiological warfare, Mike is hilarious and Richard is so worry that he can't even talk back to him.

I laughed my butt off when Mike said, "I hope you lose" in his face and Richard instead of go for the throat and answer "you know Mike? F*ck you, you foul mouth piece of sh*t you can kiss my ass I will win this and then I'll rub it in your face" type of thing, he all calm and worry said, "I hope you lose too." AAWWW Richie! That is the sweetest mean things I ever heard! You such a good guy!!!


The rest of Fabio's humorous recap is after the jump.

Richard is worry. The chefs have to create one single bite and get picked from the finalist that actually won't know who has done what. I love them plus a sense of guilt for not really want to be there is tackling my stomach, ok fine I will help, if I have to.

Since Bourdain and Padma hated my very first dish, because of the parchment paper, I made sure to re-purpose that. So now Mike and Richard knows that I made the dish with all the completely unnecessary parchment paper underneath, so the idea is if they believe that this time the front of the house will bring point, they will pick me. If they all want to focus on the food, I really don't think they will pick me.

BOOM. Richard pick Spike. Richard is worry. Mike pick Jamie. Mike is worry. Richard pick Angelo (and trust me knowing what Angelo did the night before I'm not sure is a good deal). Mike pick Tiffany. Mike is thinking to go back and pack his bag cause he's about to throw up, but he's nice and he says that he really like Tiffany. Richard pick the last one that is Antonia.

Richard now want to go home, cause he just kicked out Antonia and now he has to kiss her butt to work for him. Mike pick Carla, and is kind of relieved feeling as long as she won't scream.

But last and most important I will go jet-skiing!!!!! Glasses ready, sun lotion applied, fellas I will see you later, if we won't, don't look for me, I'll be either chewed up by sharks or completely blind from torrent of Kilick Beer and Rhum with Dale Talde. BOOM.

I heard that we had some pretty serious dishes: chocolate vinaigrette, pepperoni sauce, foie gras ice cream, hamachi with pork belly.

All the dishes are really good, and for what it seems like from the judges at the dinner table Mike is ahead, but when we go at the table with the judges Richard is ahead, confusing. And where am I?? Back from water-skiing with somebody from production chasing me and Dale for about half an afternoon yelling at us that we had to get ready for the dinner. . . haha Bahamas shenanigans.

Very little critique for both in the one I personally think is the best finale so far, cause never, never in a finale before I was able to go jet-skiing all day!!! Joking aside I think that they both deserve the winning and split in half.

Richard is Top Chef. Mike is runner up. Carla was fan favorite. Fabio was and always will be Fabio.

Enjoy Fabio as much as we do? Check out all of Fabio's previous recaps on his blog, and visit his website for more on his Southern California restaurants, Firenze Osteria and Cafe Firenze.

Photos courtesy of Bravo

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