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Facing Increased Costs, Girl Scouts Downsize Cookie Boxes

It's always seemed a little too effortless to finish off a box of Girl Scout cookies, but if they are a little easier to dust off this year, it's not just in your head. To offset the cost increases of cookie ingredients, Girl Scouts of the USA made the decision to shrink its cookie boxes by a centimeter, package fewer cookies into boxes of Thin Mints, Do-si-dos, and Tagalongs, and reduce the size of its Lemon Chalet Crèmes. According to the organization, the cost of flour rose by 30 percent, assorted cooking oils by 40 percent, and cocoa by at least 20 percent. The company felt this was the best method of dealing with increasing raw material prices. Alternatively, Girl Scouts could have used cheaper ingredients, or raised cookie prices from their current price of $3.50 per box.

This doesn't come as a surprise to me, since last year producers began rolling out shrunken products in reaction to the price of food on the rise. I'm secretly a bit excited — for once, the downsized box may be enough for me to stop short of a stomachache.

How do you feel about this news? Does it affect your decision to buy the cookies?


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jdmomof3 jdmomof3 3 years
You people seriously need to look up the definition of a FUNDRAISER. Would rather have drones of children hitting the neighborhoods and stores asking for money or would you rather get something for your DONATION? There is more to the sale beside the price and that seems to be lost in all the complaints of the box sizes. Each council decides the prizes and prices of the sale and that affects the profits each troop receives.
gail15444634 gail15444634 3 years
Wow what a rip off the cookies are so small !!! I have always supported the Girl Scouts, love the cookies. I would much rather pay 1.00 or so more than get the shrinking cookie.
maggieeisenberg maggieeisenberg 3 years
I thought they did this! It wasn't just my imagination. Thanks!
QOS QOS 8 years
I still had a box of Thin Mints in the freezer from last year and behold they were 9oz last year, 8oz this year!
muse2323 muse2323 8 years
I miss GS cookies. In Canada, the Girl Guides only sell two kinds of cookies (and offering a second kind is really new up here). Everyone's stunned when I tell them about the offerings of the Girl Scouts in the US. Fortunately, I found a couple of copycat recipes for my favorites--Samoas and Tagalongs. Haven't made the Samoas yet, but the Tagalongs are better than the ones the Scouts sell. (Still, if I were in the States, I would've bought a couple boxes. I can freeze them in the box; if I handmake them, they'll never make it to the freezer.)
aepg1223 aepg1223 8 years
To those who feel scouting is on the way out, I think then you need to get in there and help find a way to make it relevant and interesting for the girls instead of complaining. I am leader of a troop of 18 girls and they love it. There aren't a lot of places girls can get the kind of non-judgemental support and encouragement and friendship they get in scouting. Plus they have the opportunity to try things they might not otherwise get to try. For those who are upset about the cookie box size, stop whining. The girls doing the selling can't help the fact that food prices are skyrocketing. Are you going to disappoint a little girl who is slogging around door to door to support her organization just 'cause you get a few less cookies? Maybe you should think about the little girl doing the selling instead of your self for a minute. Get over it.
Cynn Cynn 8 years
Thanks for the article. It wasn't at all suprising. Considering the state of the economy it makes all the sense in the world that the Girl Scouts would make packages and some cookies smaller to help keep costs down. I wasn't able to be a girl scout because my Mom worked long hours and couldn't fit the meetings into our schedule, but I'm thankful I've been able to involve my daughter. The Cookie Program really is a financial literacy and leadership program more than anything else. My daughters confidence has shoot up and her ability to make sense of multiple box purchases and change for her custumers at just 6 years old is highly impressive. Beyond the benefits for her the troop actually earns .75 on each box to which they will be donating money to help prevent the spread of Malaria and cover the expense of having a face painter come in for a troop meeting. The girls were able to pick these goals together as a team and understand how much each of them had to sell to reach their goal together. The remainder of the cookie costs go towards actually producting the product and funding parts of this wonderful organization that only helps to enrich the lives of girls. At at time when the education system is somewhat lacking to say the least. I find the Girl Scouts fills critical wholes.
cac66 cac66 8 years
I have noticed some comments about the cost of cookies -- Each council sets their own price for a box of cookies. Therefore what area of the country you are from and which council services your area effects the cost of your cookies. That is why some of us get them for $3.50 and some for $4. I believe in Hawaii they cost even more, but I am not sure.
minijewel minijewel 8 years
wait. . . i paid $4/box this year. + the list of what cookies were available was quite slim. so sad! : (
suziryder suziryder 8 years
If they're $3.50 a pack, why are they selling for $4 near me?
nosierosie nosierosie 8 years
I have no problem with it. We all have to adjust.
jetta325 jetta325 8 years
I remember when I sold Girl Scout Cookies they were about $2.00 a box and you got alot for your money. Now here in Chicago they are $4.00 a box a will probally have less than a dozen in the box.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
monalisa93 monalisa93 8 years
I'm a Girl Scout of 10 years myself so I know first-hand how hard the economy is affecting our sales. No one has the money, and no one wants the calories. I know people complain about the price, but WE don't even make the price! Heck! We dont even get the MONEY! We get 30 cents per box! The rest goes to the bakers and GS Council for sitting on their butts all day while we deal with people complaining to us about the price of cookies. But you know what? We STILL sit out in -10 degree weather to make a few bucks and try to save it up for a GOOD cause. One tme, we made enough money (over 3 years time) to go to Georgia, which is the homestate of Girl Scouts and got to learn all about the founder Juliette Low and get a real educational experience. We do so much for the community like raise awareness for breast cancer, raise money for UNICEF, clean up parks, and so much more, with little or no money. So next time you see a girl scout out in the cold, don't think of them as greedy people that make the prices of their cookies extremley high, think of them as little people trying to do their best to help the community. (Any maybe drop a tip or something) ;)
Cookie-Mama Cookie-Mama 8 years
It's not about the cookies. It's about supporting the Girl Scouts who become future leaders. So forget about how much the cookies cost! Support the Girl Scouts for goodness sakes!
Princess2u Princess2u 8 years
$.50???? What troop are you in? Our troop gets a mere $.35 per box. I am considering finding another activity for my daughter because of the sell sell attitude of the girl scouts. There are hardly any fun activities anymore like when I was little. Everything is about money and selling stuff for the Girl Scouts. Wow times have changed.
manololover manololover 8 years someone said that the girl scouts is ran by volunteers, wrong. Go on the girl scouts website and see how much the ceo's get paid and their benefits. It is mind blowing, another thing is when i was a leader the parents bought the uniforms and i bought each one of the badges. Granted their are girl scouts out there that do awesome work for the community but not the girls that i worked with. Plus i think it is stupid that you get penalized if you don't turn your cookie money in on time.
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